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Written by admin on October 11, 2007 | Characters |


“Control electricity and you control the world.”

Profile: The crackling sound of fused body parts short-circuiting is
a sure sign of Shrapnel’s work… and is music to his audio modules. In fact,
whether he’s scrambling microchips or shattering an armored torso, it is the
noise of war, the scream of his victim that Shrapnel considers the true rewards
of his work. He relishes these sounds much the same way an actor relishes applause.
And he’s not shy about showing his own evil glee – the piercing battle cry of
this loathsome Insecticon can be heard up to 8 miles away.

Abilities: In insect mode, Shrapnel can use his twin antennae to generate
an electric burst of up to 40,000 volts. He can also use his antennae with enough
precision to control virtually any electrically run device – from a pocket calculator
to a small factory. He can fly up to 50 miles. In robot mode, his antennae can,
in the proper weather conditions, attract massive bolts of lightning from the
sky to augment his own electrical generating capacity, and then release that
power through his hands. He also carries a grenade launcher that shoots a 30
pound steel ball that splinters into thousands of razor-sharp spikes in mid-air.
Needless to say, anything caught in their path would be sliced to ribbons.

Weaknesses: Insulating materials, such as rubber and glass, can be used
to thwart Shrapnel’s electronic assaults. Also, his habit of making his presence
known audibly makes him an obvious target.

Topspin (Marvel Comics)

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“The thrill is in the journey.”

Profile: No mountain is high enough, no river is wide enough to stop this one-robot wrecking crew. The more difficult the terrain to be traversed, the more Topspin likes it. Without the constraints of an Earth vehicular disguise like the ones most of his fellow Autobots have been given by the Ark, he can use the superior mobility and versatility of his Cybertronic vehicular form to go almost anywhere on land or water. On a personal level, he considers his conquest of a steep precipice or a raging river as much a victory as any victory over the Decepticons that may result from an Autobot attack. As Topspin likes to point out, “I take pride in my work.”

Abilities: In vehicle mode, Topspin is propelled by two rear-mounted jet engines, which can accelerate him to speeds of 300 mph on a flat surface. He also is equipped with two pontoons projecting from his front, which allow him to travel up to 80 mph on water, like a hydrofoil. Using two side-mounted high-voltage electric blasters, two small hand-mounted lasers, and a powerful
particle beam rifle, Topspin can release a near-unrelenting barrage of devastating force. Like his brother, Twin Twist, he can spring from his vehicle mode into his robot mode in less than half a second. His weaponry is available to him in either mode.

Weaknesses: His preoccupation with personal glory often distracts Topspin from more threatening situations, such as a Decepticon attack. The high fuel demands of his jet engines and weaponry leave him more vulnerable to exhausting his energy supplies than most other Autobots.


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“Only in war is there happiness.”

Profile: An Autobot of few words and fewer opinions, Snarl grudgingly
follows the orders of Dinobot leader Grimlock and leaves the thinking to others.
He’s generally unhappy and a loner, and his uncommunicative nature only adds
to his feelings of isolation. Only the thrill of battle can elevate his spirits.
In fact, few of his comrades experience the joyous heights that Snarl attains
while locked in mortal combat. But for him war is an all too brief respite from
the twin devils that haunt his miserable existence: the ungainly dinosaur form
the Ark has bestowed upon him and the knowledge he may never see his beloved
Cybertron again.

Abilities: His unique design makes Snarl particularly useful in sunny,
arid environments. The large golden plates protruding from his spinal assembly
are solar collectors. Although he can operate without sunlight, solar energy
can increase his strength tenfold and his endurance to a virtually limitless
degree. A swipe of his tail can shatter a 20-foot concrete cube. His heavily
armored hide makes him resistant to most missile fire.

Weaknesses: Snarl’s dependency on sunlight makes him extremely vulnerable
to attack at night. Although he can use the same fuel the other Autobots use,
he operates at only a fraction of his strength when he does. He is also very
slow and his uncooperative behavior patterns sometimes hinder his effectiveness
in dangerous situations.


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“Fear is a friend whose presence is felt long after he’s left!”

Profile: Dreadwind is the proverbial “deactivation of the party,”
a mournful presence always first to look on the bleak side of things. Grim and
gloomy, he always acts as if his best friend has become permanently inoperative.
Most other Decepticons avoid him like the plague, knowing that however buoyant
their mood, Dreadwind is sure to bring them to Earth with a bump! As ominous
as a storm cloud and as chilling as a winter breeze, Dreadwind somehow manages
to convey his doom-laden message when he’s in battle, even in jet mode! Foes
have been known to feel despair at Dreadwind’s approach, even at a vast distance.
Dreadwind doesn’t appreciate the advantage this gives him in battle; it just
serves to further depress him. He’s been known to wade through a battlefield,
blasting Autobots and shouting, “Why does no one like me?” But Dreadwind
has been known to come close to reveling (in his own low-key way) in the carnage
he wreaks, knowing that perhaps his only true friend is fear. He sees it in
the visual receptors of enemies and feels slightly better himself. Though the
two profess to hate each other, and certainly detest combining to form Dreadwing,
Dreadwind and Darkwing are the perfect partners in crime, almost trying to outdo
each other in the bleakness stakes. The same cannot be said of Dreadwind’s binary-bonded
human component, Hi-Test. He’s a thrill-seeking, overachieving perfectionist
who can’t understand Dreadwind at all! How can he be so gloomy when there’s
so much wonderful badness in the world? Hi-Test does his best to bully Dreadwind
into enjoying himself, or at the very least concentrating his morose mind on
the job at hand.

Abilities: In jet mode, powered by his high-performance Powermaster
engine, Dreadwind can reach speeds up to Mach 2.6, and is able to climb to sub-orbital
altitudes. When combined with his fellow Powermaster Darkwing, as the vehicle
Dreadwing, they become capable of space flight, reaching light speeds and beyond.
His jet mode is armed with air-to-air missiles, thermal melters, rapid-fire
machine guns and lasers. He’s a flying armory with a vast capacity for devastation.
In robot mode he’s more cumbersome and less effective, presenting an easy target.
But at close quarters, his bulky strength and multi-shot wrist guns give him
an advantage.

Weaknesses: All of Dreadwind’s weaknesses stem from his continual brooding
and permanent depression. He’s so busy feeling sorry for himself, he tends to
forget he’s in the middle of a battle, leaving himself wide open to attack.


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“Gravity is the chain that binds us all.”

Profile: Nothing is good enough for Cloudraker. He’s jealous of his
clone brother Fastlane’s popularity with beings of all types. He wishes he could
scoot along on the ground like his brother does in dragster mode so that he
could have more opportunities to interact with others, while at the same time
he is terrified of being grounded. He flies as high as he can to escape this
fear, yet he is eternally frustrated by his inability to reach escape velocity
and achieve orbit. The fact that he is one of the fastest of all the Autobots
does little to console him. Even soaring through the skies is a problem for
him – an imperfection in his navigational systems afflicts him with claustrophobia.
The skies are too small for him! Cloudraker is a mass of crossed circuits. And
he’ll need years of psychological debugging before he ever fully straightens

Abilities: In jet mode, Cloudraker has a maximum speed of Mach 2.8.
His range is 3200 miles. In robot mode he is armed with two gravity-rod rifles.
By altering the strength of the gravitational field around any object their
beams hit, the rifles can cause an object to either crash or float away. The
larger the object, the less effective are the rifles.

Weaknesses: All of Cloudraker’s various abilities are hampered according
to how emotionally distraught he is at any given moment. On the few occasions
when he can put all his problems behind him, he is a very effective warrior.
His major physical problem is a tendency to suffer “mode-lock” – the
inability to transform from one mode to another.

Siren (Marvel Comics)

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“Act first, ask questions later.”

Profile: Siren comes from the Sonic Canyons of southern Cybertron, a region where the deafening sound of underground machinery wells up from below and loudly echoes among the canyon walls, causing a constant deluge of scrap metal to come tumbling down. Given this deafening, dangerous environment he learned to be both loud of mouth and nimble of feet. He has the reputation of being overbearing, but much of that comes from his tendency to scream rather than talk, particularly to his Autobot subordinates who help him in emergency situations. He likes to think that he’s at his best in these situations: a no-nonsense, take-charge Transformer whose decisiveness under pressure has saved the lives of many Autobots and humans. Actually, he often makes a problem worse by refusing to put aside his own narrow point of view and confronting the problem from a fresh prospective. He’s very stubborn. He’s also forthright and opinionated, and dominates any conversation if for no other reason than he’s louder than everyone else.

Quig was Librarian Master of Nebulos before he became a Headmaster. He oversaw the Optical Storage Archives, a repository of knowledge that is famous across half the galaxy. Realizing that the act of quiet study would become a thing of the past if the Decepticons were allowed to ravage his world, he volunteered to help the Autobots in their efforts to stop their age-old enemies. Unfortunately for him, after he was bio-engineered to have the ability to convert to a robotic head, he was paired with the bellowing Siren, whose every utterance makes the soft-spoken Nebulan jump. Acting as Siren’s head module, Quig is influenced by Siren’s latent thought patterns to talk much more loudly than he is comfortable with.

Abilities: Siren wields a sawed-off CO2 shotgun, which shoots high-powered bursts of freezing carbon dioxide gas that can turn an opponent into a frosted statue on impact. He also is armed with two sonic scream pistols, which can shatter steel with their high-decibel output. These are mounted on his hood in car mode, in which he can achieve speeds of up to 480 miles per hour and
has a range of 1000 miles.

Weaknesses: Siren has no notable weaknesses. Quig, however, must take frequent rests from acting as Siren’s head module in order to give his sensitive ears a rest. Not surprisingly, he suffers from frequent headaches.


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“Look good and you’ll have the world in your pocket.”

Profile: Wideload is usually so dirty one would think he sweated grease.
But muck-encrusted appearances can be deceiving – Wideload is a neatness fanatic.
He despises his Autobot role because of its messy nature. So obsessed is he
with looks that seldom does he consider the quality of a being’s character when
making a judgment about him, her or it. He makes no secret of his vanity. He
spends most of his free time polishing his finish or having another Autobot
do it for him for pay (which usually takes the form of surplus fuel that Wideload
had been lugging). He takes no special pride in his great strength and endurance;
he’d much rather be savoring the scent of a flower than be hauling a dumpsterful
of spare parts.

Abilities: Wideload is extremely strong. He can lift or carry up to
1,000,000 pounds in his dumpster. His range in truck mode is 1400 miles. Chemical
sensors within his hands and tires allow him to determine the chemical composition
of most substances almost instantaneously. The Autobots rely on him and this
ability to discover new sources of raw materials.

Weaknesses: Wideload is unusually susceptible to rust, a problem he
finds particularly embarrassing since he takes such extreme pride in his appearance.
He’s not particularly adept at driving over rough terrain and easily gets bogged
down in muddy, swampy environments.


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“How strong the steel, how quick the contest.”

Profile: Nothing is safe from Mixmaster’s seething cauldron. He will
use any material necessary, whether unliving rock or living robot, in the making
of some new material. He’s been known to swallow up brand new limousines and
reduce them to steel girders. And he performs his often grisly tasks with an
evil, cackling glee that more befits a medieval witch than a Constructicon.
The manner in which he creates new materials resembles an arcane ritual. Sometimes
his fellow Decepticons wonder if perhaps Mixmaster hasn’t a few microchips loose
in his logic center, but they never question the results of his efforts.

Abilities: While having the appearance of a standard concrete mixer,
Mixmaster can, by using various acids and bonding agents, reduce and recombine
virtually any substances put inside his drum and use them to form new substances.
He is a chemistry lab on wheels. Atop the roof of his cab, he can mount a powerful
infrared cannon which emits bursts of 8000� C heat for an effective range
of .8 miles. In robot mode, he carries a laser pistol and a shoulder-mounted
optical distortion projector, which, by bending light waves, disorients the
vision of anyone caught in its field. When combined with his fellow Constructicons,
he serves as the left leg module in the giant robot known as Devastator.

Weaknesses: Mixmaster’s mixing drum can be rendered inoperative by the
addition of certain chemicals, particularly alkalides.

Fortress Maximus

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38 (Spike Witwicky)

“Prepare for war, but strive for peace.”

Profile: Valiant, courageous, powerful beyond measure, Fortress Maximus
is a warrior without compare, but one whose most fervent wish is never to have
to fight again. All his early life, Fortress Maximus trained as an architect,
becoming the creator of many of Cybertron’s proudest monuments. With his ability
to transform into vast construction bases, many of his creations were crafted
by his own hand. So Fortress Maximus learned to build, not destroy. When war
came, he did not hesitate to turn his gifts to the ways of combat, adapting
one construction base into a repair bay, the other into a battle station. But
as the war spread and he saw his constructions tumble and wall with countless
lives lost in the process, he began to see how pointless and counter-productive
battle was. He began to fight with only one aim in mind – to bring an end to
the senseless conflict. He would fight, but only out of necessity, only to save
other lives. Drawing inspiration from Optimus Prime, Fortress Maximus carried
on his noble work after Optimus disappeared, assuming Prime’s mantle of Autobot
leader. But as the war dragged on, so Fortress Maximus’s ideals dulled, his
purpose lost in one battle after another. Realizing he was losing his very self,
Fortress Maximus and a group of Autobots left Cybertron, bound for the planet
Nebulos, a world where they could live in peace. But the Decepticons followed,
bringing the war with them. To better combat the Decepticons and convince the
Nebulans of their honest intent, Fortress Maximus removed his head, letting
the Nebulan leader Galen replace it. Galen’s body was bio-engineered to combine
with an intermediary form and transform into a facsimile of Fortress Maximus’s
proud visage. Through his mind-link with Galen, Fortress Maximus rediscovered
his purpose. The battle would not be won by turning his back on it. So he returned
to the war, fighting once more, every battle a small step towards his ultimate
goal… the end of all hostilities.

When Galen was killed, the human Spike Witwicky took over as Fortress Maximus’s
binary-bonded partner. Spike, a college student, had no long term plans to continue
in this role, and eventually quit. But as he has continued to find out, the
binary bonding goes deep indeed and his own courage and commitment will be tested
to the full.

Abilities: In both robot and battle station mode, Fortress Maximus is
a walking armory. Retractable pulse cannons (emitting a strong ion beam capable
of disrupting and incapacitating internal circuits), twin automatic machine
gun batteries (wrist mounted in robot mode), twin laser-guided mortars (in lower
legs, robot mode), dual laser blasters (with a heat-seeking target lock system)
and a fusion-powered photon rifle make his firepower second to none. His battle
station is fully equipped with communication, detection and radar equipment,
while his repair bay has extensive re-fit facilities for almost any Transformer
and a wide range of spare parts. From either repair bay or battle station Fortress
Maximus can operate two remote controlled vehicles, Gasket and Grommet, using
them to supply instant battleground first aid/repairs or as offensive/defensive
combat units. When in robot mode, Gasket and Grommet combine to form the radio
controlled warrior/mechanic, Cog. Fortress Maximus’s head transforms into a
robot form called Cerebros, which is controlled entirely by his binary-bonded
partner. Despite his size, Fortress Maximus is both very strong and very fast.
Though seemingly awkward, his bulky configuration moves with well oiled ease.
His greatest asset, though, is his vast intellect and capacity for instant tactical
decisions. To him, crafting an attack is like blueprinting a structure and it’s
almost second nature.

Weaknesses: The many parts of Fortress Maximus, each requiring a portion
of his concentration, sometimes leave the whole vulnerable to attack. When guiding
Gasket and Grommet through a battlefield, he relies almost totally on automated
defense systems to safeguard him from attack. If incapacitated in robot mode,
Fortress Maximus has no choice but to utilize his second robot form, the much
smaller and infinitely more vulnerable Cog. Beyond these slight problems, Fortress
Maximus has no known weaknesses.


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“Hunters drive; targets park.”

Profile: Chase is usually ten miles down the road before his fellow
Autobots even have had a chance to shift into gear. He’s impatient and overeager.
He doesn’t seem to know how to stand still; the phrase “put it in park”
had no meaning for him. As fast as he drives, he talks even faster. His coarse,
simple language is seemingly at odds with his sleek, sophisticated design. He
usually dominates the conversation in any group, regaling all who will listen
with tales of past exploits and predictions of future conquests. But he does
all this in a most engaging manner. He’s extremely popular among the Autobots.

Abilities: In car mode, Chase can reach a cruising speed of 240 mph.
He has extremely well developed optical sensors in his head and his headlights.
He can see an object the size of a tennis ball at two miles and his excellent
peripheral vision gives him approximately a 270 degree viewing range; i.e.,
he can see simultaneously in front of him and on both sides. Embedded under
his car mode’s roof is an array of small radar dishes that allow him to detect
moving objects as small as a toaster from horizon to horizon. He also has the
ability to lock in on passing orbiting satellites and bounce radar signals off
of them, which allows him some over-the-horizon radar abilities.

Weaknesses: High speeds exact a heavy toll on Chase in car mode, particularly
on his drive shaft and transmission. Sometimes he’s too busy talking or running
off somewhere to listen to good advice. Consequently, he gets into trouble that
a cooler-headed individual might avoid.

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