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It's been six months since we last bothered updating this site. Not because we've lost our love for Transformers, but because we really can't be bothered… [more]

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Transformers Fall of Cybertron trailer featuring Metroplex

Activision has just released a new trailer for Transformers Fall of Cybertron on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. This trailer features the city sized Autobot Metroplex,… [more]

Transformers Fall of Cybertron trailer featuring Metroplex Transformers Fall of Cybertron trailer featuring Metroplex

Eight Weeks Until Auto Assembly 2012

Eight Weeks Until Auto Assembly 2012 It's hard to believe that we are now just eight weeks away from Auto Assembly 2012, Europe's Largest Transformers… [more]

Eight Weeks Until Auto Assembly 2012 Eight Weeks Until Auto Assembly 2012

Transformers Prime Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer for Transformers Prime on the Nintendo Wii has finally been released. The game, also available on the Nintendo 3DS and DS, is developed… [more]

Transformers Prime Teaser Trailer Transformers Prime Teaser Trailer

Topspin (Marvel Comics)

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“The thrill is in the journey.”

Profile: No mountain is high enough, no river is wide enough to stop this one-robot wrecking crew. The more difficult the terrain to be traversed, the more Topspin likes it. Without the constraints of an Earth vehicular disguise like the ones most of his fellow Autobots have been given by the Ark, he can use the superior mobility and versatility of his Cybertronic vehicular form to go almost anywhere on land or water. On a personal level, he considers his conquest of a steep precipice or a raging river as much a victory as any victory over the Decepticons that may result from an Autobot attack. As Topspin likes to point out, “I take pride in my work.”

Abilities: In vehicle mode, Topspin is propelled by two rear-mounted jet engines, which can accelerate him to speeds of 300 mph on a flat surface. He also is equipped with two pontoons projecting from his front, which allow him to travel up to 80 mph on water, like a hydrofoil. Using two side-mounted high-voltage electric blasters, two small hand-mounted lasers, and a powerful
particle beam rifle, Topspin can release a near-unrelenting barrage of devastating force. Like his brother, Twin Twist, he can spring from his vehicle mode into his robot mode in less than half a second. His weaponry is available to him in either mode.

Weaknesses: His preoccupation with personal glory often distracts Topspin from more threatening situations, such as a Decepticon attack. The high fuel demands of his jet engines and weaponry leave him more vulnerable to exhausting his energy supplies than most other Autobots.


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“Fear is a friend whose presence is felt long after he’s left!”

Profile: Dreadwind is the proverbial “deactivation of the party,”
a mournful presence always first to look on the bleak side of things. Grim and
gloomy, he always acts as if his best friend has become permanently inoperative.
Most other Decepticons avoid him like the plague, knowing that however buoyant
their mood, Dreadwind is sure to bring them to Earth with a bump! As ominous
as a storm cloud and as chilling as a winter breeze, Dreadwind somehow manages
to convey his doom-laden message when he’s in battle, even in jet mode! Foes
have been known to feel despair at Dreadwind’s approach, even at a vast distance.
Dreadwind doesn’t appreciate the advantage this gives him in battle; it just
serves to further depress him. He’s been known to wade through a battlefield,
blasting Autobots and shouting, “Why does no one like me?” But Dreadwind
has been known to come close to reveling (in his own low-key way) in the carnage
he wreaks, knowing that perhaps his only true friend is fear. He sees it in
the visual receptors of enemies and feels slightly better himself. Though the
two profess to hate each other, and certainly detest combining to form Dreadwing,
Dreadwind and Darkwing are the perfect partners in crime, almost trying to outdo
each other in the bleakness stakes. The same cannot be said of Dreadwind’s binary-bonded
human component, Hi-Test. He’s a thrill-seeking, overachieving perfectionist
who can’t understand Dreadwind at all! How can he be so gloomy when there’s
so much wonderful badness in the world? Hi-Test does his best to bully Dreadwind
into enjoying himself, or at the very least concentrating his morose mind on
the job at hand.

Abilities: In jet mode, powered by his high-performance Powermaster
engine, Dreadwind can reach speeds up to Mach 2.6, and is able to climb to sub-orbital
altitudes. When combined with his fellow Powermaster Darkwing, as the vehicle
Dreadwing, they become capable of space flight, reaching light speeds and beyond.
His jet mode is armed with air-to-air missiles, thermal melters, rapid-fire
machine guns and lasers. He’s a flying armory with a vast capacity for devastation.
In robot mode he’s more cumbersome and less effective, presenting an easy target.
But at close quarters, his bulky strength and multi-shot wrist guns give him
an advantage.

Weaknesses: All of Dreadwind’s weaknesses stem from his continual brooding
and permanent depression. He’s so busy feeling sorry for himself, he tends to
forget he’s in the middle of a battle, leaving himself wide open to attack.


Written by Darren 'Starscream' Jamieson on | Characters |


“I take a licking and keep on kicking.”

Profile: Ruckus is a deadly, devastating warrior whose usual state is a state of disrepair. This rolling bucket of loose bolts and peeling boiler-plate always looks like he just lost a demolition derby. It’s not surprising that he’s always willing to take the biggest risks on the battlefield, since he doesn’t care what sort of shape he’s in after the battle is over. All he cares about is winning. He is one of the bravest, nastiest and most daring of the Decepticons. He can be among 100 fighting Transformers and still stand out from the crowd.
With his bullhorn voice, his high-amplification, stereophonic, constantly revving motor and his plunge-forward-never-retreat style of combat, he makes his presence known to all those around him, particularly those enemy Autobots who suffer the savageries of his onslaughts. Millions of years ago, on Cybertron, Decepticon Commander Megatron employed Ruckus primarily as an errand droid. At that time, Ruckus was considerably smaller: He had been designed to perform only a non-combat messenger’s role. But at the battle of Valvolux, Ruckus proved his true worth when, after having been caught by surprise behind enemy lines and smashed to pieces by an Autobot-launched proton missile, he was still able to warn an approaching squad of Decepticons of the impending Autobot ambush with the part of him that still functioned: his voice module. Megatron rewarded him by rebuilding him into the stronger, larger form that he still has to this day and by granting him status as a full-fledged Decepticon warrior. And Ruckus has returned his commander’s faith in him with unflagging loyalty and unyielding effort.

Abilities: In vehicle mode, Ruckus is particularly adept at ramming and running over opponents. He’s been known to send the wheels of enemy vehicles flying in four separate directions with one of his charges. With his titanium nail-studded tires, he can grip and roll over virtually anything. He can achieve a maximum speed of 190 miles per hour and has a cruising range of 570 miles. He can expel a viscous, noxious-smelling oil-slick from his tail pipe that can send any vehicle in pursuit of him into an uncontrollable tailspin. In both vehicle and robot modes he is armed with heavy-duty rocket launchers that fire mercury-tipped exploding missiles. The detonation of a single missile can create a crater 50 feet deep and 500 yards wide.

Weaknesses: Although not known to have any specific weaknesses, Ruckus’s penchant for charging into battle without concern for his own well-being creates a constant need for spare parts to patch him up. Although he is usually suffering from several ailments at any given time, he rarely allows any of them to keep him off of the battlefield. He doesn’t let pain stop him from doing his job.


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“I have no need for friends, even less for enemies.”

Profile: Maybe Slag enjoys his job too much – after all, a more sensitive
Autobot might regret the waste involved in reducing an enemy to a smoldering
pool of liquid metal. Not Slag. If his metal hide could take the heat, Slag
would swim in the puddle to celebrate. Perhaps even more than his Dinobot brethren,
Slag resents the authority of Optimus Prime, and he’s not too keen on the other
Autobots either. He’s generally considered a disruptive force and has been known
to get into brawls and turn his fiery breath against his comrades. Nasty and
mean-spirited are perhaps the nicest things one can say about him.

Abilities: In Dinobot mode, Slag can spew from his mouth a bolt of 3,000
degrees Centigrade flame up to 80 feet. He possesses enormous strength and can
shatter a brick building with a single blow from his armored head. In Autobot
mode he carries a high-energy laser rifle.

Weaknesses: Slag is his own worst enemy. His misanthropic personality
often persuades some of the other Autobots not to help him when he’s in trouble.
He’s rash and not too bright, qualities which often put him in dangerous predicaments.


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“Hit it till it stands no taller than the dust.”

Profile: A rubble-strewn wasteland is Bonecrusher’s idea of a beautiful
landscape. Rare is the edifice that he feels is better off left standing. For
him, demolition is not merely a job – it is a performance. He loves to show
off for his comrades. And Megatron realizes that the fear and terror sowed by
this Constructicon’s wild ways are bonus by-products that can only help the
Decepticon conquest of Earth’s resources. Bonecrusher’s attitude about the world
around him can best be summed up by his personal credo: “Everything is
dust – or it will be when I get through with it!”

Abilities: In vehicular mode, Bonecrusher can exert a force of 800,000 pounds
per square inch at a speed of 30 mph, enough to knock down all but the most
heavily reinforced structures. His thick titanium-steel hide makes him virtually
invulnerable to anything that might collapse upon him as a result of one of
his charges. He can use a short-range concussion bomb launcher to aid his demolitions.
In robot mode he carries a laser pistol. He serves as the left arm module which,
when combined with his fellow Constructicons, forms the giant robot known as

Weaknesses: Bonecrusher’s eagerness to wreak destruction often results
in the loss of structures that had potential value for the Decepticons. Although
he is rarely harmed by the collapse of a building on him, he is sometimes buried
and finds it difficult to free himself at those times.

Bruticus (Marvel Comics)

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“The road to conquest is paved with Autobot wrecks.”

Profile: Bruticus is a model soldier. He performs his tasks with the cool, efficient, unquestioning manner that would bring an auditory module to auditory module smile to the face of any military commander. He knows how to follow orders. But he’s not very good at taking initiative on his own. In fact, he’s liable to stand around looking confused in the middle of a battle if nobody is there to tell him what to do. Still, he represents a fairly successful merging of the minds and personalities of the five Combaticons – Brawl, Swindle, Blast Off, Vortex and Onslaught – who comprise him. Whether he’s just crushing an Autobot, or flattening a whole team of them, Bruticus just does his job. “I like him,” says Decepticon Leader Megatron. “I wish I had a whole army of Bruticuses!” Luckily for the Autobots, he doesn’t.

Abilities: Bruticus is incredibly strong. He can pulverize a suspension bridge with one 14,000 psi punch. He can lift up to 500,000 pounds. He uses Onslaught’s powerful sonic stun-gun, which can smash a hillside to dust with a single blast. His armor is impervious to most artillery and radiation.

Weaknesses: Bruticus is slow and not very agile. He makes an easy target. He is not a creative thinker, and can sometimes even be a hindrance in battle if not properly prepared with instructions.

Rodimus Prime

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“Experience is the benchmark of maturity.”

Profile: Rodimus Prime is the mature, transformed persona
of Hot Rod. This transformation and simultaneous assumption of the Autobot leadership
occured in a major battle between the Autobots and Decepticons. It is as Rodimus
Prime that Hot Rod defeated Unicron and restored order to the galaxy. Rodimus
Prime speaks with the savvy of a seasoned veteran. He can be hot-headed at times
– he has a tendency to act first and ask questions later. Rodimus Prime’s sole
purpose is to protect all life.

Abilities: He possesses acute military prowess. Rodimus Prime
is an expert tactician with exceptional maneuverability in battle. In robot
mode, he carries a photon eliminator that shoots high voltage electricity. Range:
500 miles. Speed: 200 mph.

Weaknesses: His only weakness is his compassion for other
living creatures.


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“Things are never as bad as they seem – usually they’re worse.”

Profile: If Dreadwind is the ultimate pessimist, Darkwing completes
the equation by being a manic-depressive. He believes that life is one long
ordeal of pain and suffering, and that it’s pointless struggling against it.
However, where his brother-in-arms just sits back and lets this bleak outlook
get him down, Darkwing is no passive bystander. If he’s destined to suffer,
then by Primus he’s going to make others share it… only more so! His avowed
purpose in life is to make the lives of others worse than he believes his to
be! To him, death is getting off lightly. Better to leave a foe still alive,
in terrible pain. He somehow feels better knowing that others are suffering
more than he is. But there is a side to Darkwing that’s every bit as gloomy
as Dreadwind. No matter how well things are going for him, he’s convinced that
it’s not going to last. To Darkwing, the next personal disaster is always just
around the corner. If nothing else, this attitude keeps him alert to impending
attack. He’s partnered to Throttle, a (self-admittedly) low-life thief. He revels
in his chosen profession and loves mixing with society’s dregs. Throttle sees
this as simple honesty and appreciates that in others. If he doesn’t like you,
he’ll tell you in no uncertain terms. With Throttle, what you see is what you
get. In a way, that’s why he gets on okay with Darkwing (though Darkwing might
have something to say about that), because at least Darkwing doesn’t pretend
to be anything he’s not. So he’s a pessimist – so what?

Abilities: Darkwing’s jet mode abilities mirror Dreadwind’s almost exactly.
Darkwing combines with Dreadwind to form the vehicle Dreadwing, so they are
not so much two jets as two halves of the same jet. Fast and deadly, Darkwing
is similarly laden with weaponry, the most deadly of which are his two laser-guided
electro-kinetic blasters, which turn an enemy’s power against its owner. The
more powerful the foe, the more Darkwing can hurt him. Unlike Dreadwind, he
is mobile and lethal in robot mode, specializing in hand-to-hand combat.

Weaknesses: If he weren’t teamed with such a reckless hothead, Darkwing
could probably claim to have no weaknesses. As it is, Throttle is so keen to
prove himself that he over-exerts himself in engine mode, desperately trying
to outdo Dreadwind, and overheats. When this happens in the heat of battle,
it can have disastrous consequences, leaving Darkwing high and dry and a sitting
duck. Darkwing hates combining to form Dreadwing, and is often distracted by
continually bickering with Dreadwind.


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“Look good and you’ll have the world in your pocket.”

Profile: Wideload is usually so dirty one would think he sweated grease.
But muck-encrusted appearances can be deceiving – Wideload is a neatness fanatic.
He despises his Autobot role because of its messy nature. So obsessed is he
with looks that seldom does he consider the quality of a being’s character when
making a judgment about him, her or it. He makes no secret of his vanity. He
spends most of his free time polishing his finish or having another Autobot
do it for him for pay (which usually takes the form of surplus fuel that Wideload
had been lugging). He takes no special pride in his great strength and endurance;
he’d much rather be savoring the scent of a flower than be hauling a dumpsterful
of spare parts.

Abilities: Wideload is extremely strong. He can lift or carry up to
1,000,000 pounds in his dumpster. His range in truck mode is 1400 miles. Chemical
sensors within his hands and tires allow him to determine the chemical composition
of most substances almost instantaneously. The Autobots rely on him and this
ability to discover new sources of raw materials.

Weaknesses: Wideload is unusually susceptible to rust, a problem he
finds particularly embarrassing since he takes such extreme pride in his appearance.
He’s not particularly adept at driving over rough terrain and easily gets bogged
down in muddy, swampy environments.

Fortress Maximus

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38 (Spike Witwicky)

“Prepare for war, but strive for peace.”

Profile: Valiant, courageous, powerful beyond measure, Fortress Maximus
is a warrior without compare, but one whose most fervent wish is never to have
to fight again. All his early life, Fortress Maximus trained as an architect,
becoming the creator of many of Cybertron’s proudest monuments. With his ability
to transform into vast construction bases, many of his creations were crafted
by his own hand. So Fortress Maximus learned to build, not destroy. When war
came, he did not hesitate to turn his gifts to the ways of combat, adapting
one construction base into a repair bay, the other into a battle station. But
as the war spread and he saw his constructions tumble and wall with countless
lives lost in the process, he began to see how pointless and counter-productive
battle was. He began to fight with only one aim in mind – to bring an end to
the senseless conflict. He would fight, but only out of necessity, only to save
other lives. Drawing inspiration from Optimus Prime, Fortress Maximus carried
on his noble work after Optimus disappeared, assuming Prime’s mantle of Autobot
leader. But as the war dragged on, so Fortress Maximus’s ideals dulled, his
purpose lost in one battle after another. Realizing he was losing his very self,
Fortress Maximus and a group of Autobots left Cybertron, bound for the planet
Nebulos, a world where they could live in peace. But the Decepticons followed,
bringing the war with them. To better combat the Decepticons and convince the
Nebulans of their honest intent, Fortress Maximus removed his head, letting
the Nebulan leader Galen replace it. Galen’s body was bio-engineered to combine
with an intermediary form and transform into a facsimile of Fortress Maximus’s
proud visage. Through his mind-link with Galen, Fortress Maximus rediscovered
his purpose. The battle would not be won by turning his back on it. So he returned
to the war, fighting once more, every battle a small step towards his ultimate
goal… the end of all hostilities.

When Galen was killed, the human Spike Witwicky took over as Fortress Maximus’s
binary-bonded partner. Spike, a college student, had no long term plans to continue
in this role, and eventually quit. But as he has continued to find out, the
binary bonding goes deep indeed and his own courage and commitment will be tested
to the full.

Abilities: In both robot and battle station mode, Fortress Maximus is
a walking armory. Retractable pulse cannons (emitting a strong ion beam capable
of disrupting and incapacitating internal circuits), twin automatic machine
gun batteries (wrist mounted in robot mode), twin laser-guided mortars (in lower
legs, robot mode), dual laser blasters (with a heat-seeking target lock system)
and a fusion-powered photon rifle make his firepower second to none. His battle
station is fully equipped with communication, detection and radar equipment,
while his repair bay has extensive re-fit facilities for almost any Transformer
and a wide range of spare parts. From either repair bay or battle station Fortress
Maximus can operate two remote controlled vehicles, Gasket and Grommet, using
them to supply instant battleground first aid/repairs or as offensive/defensive
combat units. When in robot mode, Gasket and Grommet combine to form the radio
controlled warrior/mechanic, Cog. Fortress Maximus’s head transforms into a
robot form called Cerebros, which is controlled entirely by his binary-bonded
partner. Despite his size, Fortress Maximus is both very strong and very fast.
Though seemingly awkward, his bulky configuration moves with well oiled ease.
His greatest asset, though, is his vast intellect and capacity for instant tactical
decisions. To him, crafting an attack is like blueprinting a structure and it’s
almost second nature.

Weaknesses: The many parts of Fortress Maximus, each requiring a portion
of his concentration, sometimes leave the whole vulnerable to attack. When guiding
Gasket and Grommet through a battlefield, he relies almost totally on automated
defense systems to safeguard him from attack. If incapacitated in robot mode,
Fortress Maximus has no choice but to utilize his second robot form, the much
smaller and infinitely more vulnerable Cog. Beyond these slight problems, Fortress
Maximus has no known weaknesses.

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