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13-09-11, 03:43 PM
Last updated 27th October..

AM Jackpot - Sights' legs
AM Megatron - red dual-barrel gun x2, barrel, missile
AM Optimus Prime - left trailer panel w/ wheel
AM Slicer - Rollcage
AM Sprocket - left wing, figure
AM Starscream - missile
Minibots - tyres
MM AA Base - Drum, Micromasters
MM Airwave - arms (or a whole figure)
MM Cannon Transport - Ramp x2
MM Countdown - Platform
MM Erector - Crane end
MM Greasepit - billboard x2
MM Ironworks - missile
MM Missile Transport - Ramps x5
MM Roughstuff - Turrets
MM Tanker Transport - Gun mounts x3, Ramps x3
Motorvator Gripper - sword
Motorvator Lightspeed - left arm, sword
Predator Launchers and missiles
Pretender Bludgeon - tank barrel x3, gun x2
Pretender Bomb-Burst - Shell (must be excellent), shell front
Pretender Carnivac - L Shoulder pad
Pretender Cloudburst - Shell (must be excellent)
Pretender Gunrunner - gun
Pretender Landmine - Sword
Pretender Pincher - Shell front, inner robot w/ unbroken legs x2
Pretender Roadblock - Vehicle shell w/ dozer blade
Pretender Roadgrabber - Robot (needs to have a good chest, preferably paint on the cockpit too, nothing else matters)
Pretender Snarler - Right side shell (must be excellent)
Pretender Vroom - small tyre, small gun
Rescue Force tank - grey claw
Scourge - gun
Turbomaster Missiles
Hasbro reissue Red Alert - right spoiler
TFC Reissue Soundwave - extending launcher, missile x2

Airrazor - Shoulder pad
Armordillo - Back left foot
Cybershark - side fins
Dinobot - Tail
Iguanus - Back right beast leg, gun
Inferno - Right middle leg
Magnaboss - Lion back/tail, eagle beast head
Scorponok - Robot legs, missiles
Sea Clamp - Feet, launcher
Swoop - Lower jaw, right forearm
Ultra Beast Megatron - Missile
Ultra Beast Primal - Sword, missile
Waspinator - Left wing, missile
Classic Cheetor - front right leg/arm

Armada Jetfire - Left chest panel, missiles, minicon
Armada Prime - Blue side compartment door, turret from inside the right trailer panel
Armada Thrust - side missile, Minicon docking bay
Energon Battle Ravage - front paw
Energon Megatron - Left horn, sword
Energon Micromaster Devastator - Chest
Energon Prime - Helicopter drone front right panel, drill drone cockpit, radar
Cybertron Brakedown - Weapon (turqoise repaint)
RID Dreadwind & Smokejumper - Launcher
RID Prime - ear/antenna thing
Universe Galvatron - Back tread sections (with and without orange tabs), missile
Universe Sideswipe - Right door

15-09-11, 01:58 AM
I might have a shoulder pad for Airaizor kicking around. I'll double check when I get home Friday for ya!

15-09-11, 08:24 PM
You can have the stand from my MP Screamer.

22-09-11, 07:55 AM
Sorry Spec, but turns out the Airazor I have has no shoulder pads at all!

14-10-11, 07:26 PM
Bump for updateage.

27-10-11, 02:28 PM
Annd again.