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Thread: AA 2012 Hotel

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    AA 2012 Hotel

    OK, I'm about to book my AA tickets. I heard a few weeks ago that the convention allocation of rooms for the Hilton had run out, but that people were in talks to add some more rooms to the convention reduced rate allocation. Has this happened yet, or will it still happen? I'm just concerned about not being able to get the cheap rate as I've just looked at the Hilton website and it would be 99 per night if there are no more discounted rooms. And at that price, I'm not sure I can afford to go this year.

    Can someone let me know the state of play on this? Then I can buy my tickets without worrying.

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    We have obtained more rooms at the convention discount rate. To book them, you need to use the link in your AA ticket confirmation email (assuming you have already booked your tickets) otherwise the discount won't show.

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