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    Classics Mirage

    I love this mould. It’s a good job really, having bought it three times over. Whilst the two other repaints do a creditable job in putting their own stamp of individuality on the thing, neither of them can match Mirage in the quality stakes. Drag Strip is marred by slightly weaker feeling plastics and an abundance of yellow, and whilst I love Fracture for her Gobots roots, she doesn’t quite have the crispness of Mirage’s paint job. This, therefore, represents the ultimate version of the mould.

    Mirage has a stunningly beautiful paintjob. It’s largely a simple two tone affair, with a nice electric blue complimented by a very sharp and bright white. It looks fantastic. The alt mode is decorated with adverts, all of which are navel gazing references to various parts of Transformers lore ‘Witwicky Sparkplugs’, ‘Lithonian Drivetrain’ etc etc. Normally, this would send me into fits of rage because I can’t abide this sort of in-jokey navel gazing but here it really works. Well, except for ‘Witwicky Sparkplugs’, which is just annoying. It’s possibly because Mirage isn’t a real world vehicle, just a heightened version of an F1 car, so it’s easier to accept such things. A nice touch is the carry over of his number 26 demarcation from the original 1980s toy, as well as one of those heat sensitive rub signs, which was a nice addition to see before Hasbro thought they could lazily market a line of toys off the back of this ‘gimmick’.

    The transformation sequence never gets tired on this mould. It’s such a lovely fluid, logical set of sweeps to get to the robot mode. It’s an absolute joy to perform , time and again. Nothing is fiddly or complex or gets in the way. Beautiful. The robot mode is a lovely elegant piece too, which really suits Mirage’s refined character. It very much reminds me of a 1970s playboy, all bell bottomed trousers and wide lapels – a bit John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. It’s absolutely cracking. The only criticism you can lay at its door is that arch of the torso and those front wheels behind the shoulders look like he’s leaning back a tad, but damn if it doesn’t make for some supercool poses. Of which Mirage can strike a great many, thanks to some superbly engineered joints – particularly in his legs where he has double joints in his knees.

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    Personally I find him adequate. Main problems with him is that there's no way to push his head forward to hide his face in alt mode, and the front spoiler as a gun looks worse than Alt Windcharger/Decepticharge's half-arsed 'scanner'.

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