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Thread: Wraith2021's Collection So Far

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    Wraith2021's Collection So Far

    My Collection lined up

    MIB/MOSC Original Headmaster Skullcruncher
    This is a UKG 80, and has recently had a case upgrade to 5mm.

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    Factory Sealed Original Headmaster Horrorcon Snapdragon
    This one is A UKG 80 and is the pride of my collection, getting your hands on one of these is phenomenally hard.

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    Nice. Are you only going for the Masters, or are they just the starting point?

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    Factory Sealed Original Headmaster Weirdwolf
    This figure is UKG 80, Subs are Box 80, Colour 85, Window 85, and Figure 85.

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    Apeface and Snapdragon are really hard to come by MISB, Mindwipe shouldn't be too hard. Scourge and Cyclonus Targetmasters are mega pricey they go for well over 1000, I'm a MISB collector myself in a way I bought all 3 Takara Targetmaster Decepticons MISB just to dodge those 2 lol.

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    Factory Sealed Original Powermaster Mercenary Doubledealer
    This is AFA 85, Subs are B85, W85, F90.

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    It is amazing the prices they go for now I remember someone telling me 800 was too much for Minerva (Minelba) MISB AFA 80 because he paid 350 for her MISB in flawless condition around 2000 MISB, he then opened her and sold her for 300. Last week she went for 700 MIB and faded, he must be reeling. He showed me a photo of her and it's the best condition one I've ever seen.
    I did see Takara Snapdragon and Apeface both flawlass MISB a few months back go for over 500 which I thought was a lot, if I was offered 1700 I would of sold. But as you say if you don't want to sell because you don't need the money that's cool, I was offered crazy money for my AFA 85 Artfire and I turned it down.

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    MIB/MOSC Original Headmaster Horrorcon Apeface
    This is a UKG 80, and is cased in a 5mm case.

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    Just update my pics

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    Factory Sealed Original Headmaster Mindwipe
    This is a UKG 70, Mindwipe sealed in any condition is a really rare find these days.

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