Annual Transformers Forum Meet Tour

Every year, since 2011, the nerds from TheTF.Net forum (now a Facebook group, because running a forum proved too much like hard work) have met for a weekend… [more]

Annual Transformers Forum Meet Tour Annual Transformers Forum Meet Tour

Our 2019 Forum Meet took place this weekend, in Cardiff

This weekend saw our annual forum meet being held in the Welsh capital of Cardiff. Each year we meet in a different town or city in the UK, alternating… [more]

Our 2019 Forum Meet took place this weekend, in Cardiff Our 2019 Forum Meet took place this weekend, in Cardiff

Video Footage from Transforce in 2001

Almost 18 years ago (crikey, has it been that long?) we wrote a review of our visit to Transforce in August 2001. It was a seriously hot day, but a great… [more]

Video Footage from Transforce in 2001 Video Footage from Transforce in 2001

Join our Autobot Alliance on Transformers Earth Wars

If you play the mobile game Transformers Earth Wars, and you're looking for a good Autobot Alliance to join, then seek us out in the game. We're called… [more]

Join our Autobot Alliance on Transformers Earth Wars Join our Autobot Alliance on Transformers Earth Wars

TheTF.Net Northern Meet

It's been six months since we last bothered updating this site. Not because we've lost our love for Transformers, but because we really can't be bothered… [more]

TheTF.Net Northern Meet TheTF.Net Northern Meet

SDCC 09: IDW Announced New Ongoing Transformers Series!

Written by Big Bot on July 24, 2009 | Comics,IDW Publishing,News | Tags: , , , ,

Transformers_Ongoing_Issue1_artSMALLBefore IDW Publishing’s panel today, they have let slip what we have known for months, that The Transformers will become an ongoing series, starting this November.

We now know the writer will be Mike Costa, who has been doing art duties for other Transformers series.

The press release confirms what IDW Editor-in-chief Chris Ryall mentioned a couple of weeks ago, that there will be 3 new series announced at the convention. Look out for the other 2 very soon.

UPDATE: Full press release is out, with another image and the name of the other 2 series, Transformers: Bumblebee (writer Zander Cannon and artist Chee) and Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers (Everything: Nick Roche).

San Diego, CA (July 24, 2009) – After the huge success of this summer’s blockbuster TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN movie, IDW is keeping the excitement going with three new TRANSFORMERS series. Under license from Hasbro, IDW is proud to offer fans The TRANSFORMERS, the first ongoing series in years, written by the critically-acclaimed Mike Costa. Coming in November, TRANSFORMERS #1 starts things off with not one, but two, huge events so CYBERTON-shattering that the lives of the TRANSFORMERS characters will never be the same.

Spinning out of the events of the new ongoing series will be two miniseries. The four-issue TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE puts BUMBLEBEE between a rock and a hard place with his own friends, while TRANSFORMERS: Last Stand of the Wreckers plots the course of AUTOBOTS in space as they confront a new foe who just might tear the (Dave do these need all caps? CAPS ARE BEST) Springer, Kup, and their cadre of AUTOBOT heroes apart.

“This is the first ongoing TRANSFOMRERS series for IDW, and there’s a good reason to do it now. These stories are too big and too important to contain in even several volumes of miniseries. And it all starts with events in TRANSFORMERS #1,” said IDW’s TRANSFORMERS editor, Andy Schmidt. “This is the best jumping on point for new comics or TRANSFORMERS fans in years. We’re embarking on a whole new journey and an exciting new direction.”

The TRANSFORMERS will debut in November, helmed by Mike Costa with art and covers by returning, fan-favorite, artistic dynamo Don Figueroa. This series is the basis for the two new miniseries, creating an unstoppable combination of new TRANSFORMERS comics.

Transformers_Wreckers_Issue1_artSMALLDebuting in December, writer Zander Cannon and artist Chee masterfully create Bumblebee’s story in this four-issue miniseries. TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE spins out of the ongoing series and is a must-read for any fan. TRANSFORMERS: Last Stand of the Wreckers is set in space concurrent with the ongoing series. Shedding light on the conflicts outside of Earth, long-time TRANSFORMERScreator Nick Roche masterfully foreshadows upcoming events in the ongoing series, while taking fans on a wild ride.

The TRANSFORMERS will be available in stores in November.

TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE will be available in stores in December.

TRANSFORMERS: Last Stand of the Wreckers will be available in stores in January.

SDCC 09: New IDW Transformers Comic Series

Transformers Nefarious SDCC 09It’s the San Diego Comic-Con 09 this week, so it would only seem logical for IDW Publishing to spill the beans on what is in store for the future of Transformers comics.

Transformers: Nefarious is a mini-series focusing on a new organization with ‘nefarious’ designs on the Transformers. Continuing on from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, there will also be more on Soundwave and Ravage.

The series is written by Simon Furman with art by Carlos Magno and will be out early next year.

In an interview with IGN, Simon talks about the series being self contained, how they aren’t entirely sure on the number of issues, how the series links into Revenge of the Fallen, and the possibility of Primus or Unicron appearing in the movie-verse.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Adapation #4 Five-Page Preview

Comics Continuum has again posted the first look of a Transformers comic this time Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Movie Adaptation #4.

With this being the last issue in thr series, there are obvious spoilers for the end of the film, sop best stay away is you do not want to ruin the end of the film. The issue is written by Simon Furman, art by Jon Davis-Hunt and a cover from Josh Nizzi. Look out for the issue next week.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen #1 Botcon Exclusive Comic

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Adaptation #1 BotCon ExclusiveIDW Publishing has posted an announcement that they are releasing an exclusive BotCon edition of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Adaptation #1, with cover art from Don Figueroa. There aren’t any details on how many copies there will be except that it’s a “limited edition”, so copies will most likely disappear quickly and then appear on ebay.

BotCon is next week, from 28th to 30th May, where many of  Hasbro’s and IDW’s future comic plans will be revealed!

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Movie Adaptation and All Hail Megatron 11 Comic Previews

Comics Continuum has posted 2 five page previews for this weeks new IDW Transformers comic releases.

The first issue of the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Movie Adaptation. This preview contains major spoilers for those planning on seeing the actual film, so don’t look at the images at the bottom of this post.

The Transformers: All Hail Megatron #11 is also available  to preview, either in this post or from IDW Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall.

Both comics are due out today 20th May 2009!

IDW Comic Releases – Christmas Eve 2008

Written by Big Bot on December 22, 2008 | Comics,IDW Publishing,News | Tags:

Only one release this week from IDW Publishing, and it’s not a particulary interesting one. Transformers: Animated Volume 6, another of the cartoon screen grab issues is what’s on offer this Christmas week.

Free Comic Book Day 2009: IDW Giving Away Transformers: Animated/G.I. Joe Comic

Written by Big Bot on December 11, 2008 | Comics,IDW Publishing,News | Tags: , , ,

Diamond Comic Distributors have announced next years free comic from IDW for Free Comic Book Day 2009. IDW will an offering an combined Transformers Animated and G.I. Joe comic on 2nd May 2009. Here’s the official description:

G.I. Joe and the Transformers kick off IDW’s FCBD09 promotional comic with three great stories.

First up is an 11-page Transformers Animated tale that features a young Optimus Prime in his days at the Autobot Academy.

Next is not one, but two great G.I. Joe stories — a six-page story written by the maestro behind-the-series today, and the second written by the maestro behind the series originally. Secrets are revealed and action abounds.

IDW Transformers Comic Releases – 29/10/08

Written by Big Bot on October 27, 2008 | Armada,Comics,IDW Publishing,News | Tags: , ,

Time for a blast from the recent past, with the reprint of Dreamwave’s Transformers Armada Volume 1 TPB, collecting issues #1-6 of the series.

The comic takes the story in a different direction to the cartoon, so is worth picking up if you cannot stand the animated series. The book is drawn by James Raiz and written by Chris Sarracini.

Chris Ryall again has the cover for your viewing pleasure.

IDW Transformers Comic Releases – 22/10/08

Written by Big Bot on October 20, 2008 | Comics,IDW Publishing,News | Tags: , ,

Just 2 Transformers comics this week, the first being The Transformers: All Hail Megatron #4, continuing the Decepticons reign of Earth, and Transformers: Animated Volume 5, the screenshots of the cartoon series.

Chris Ryall again has the covers for the issues, 2 for All Hail Megatron and 1 for Animated Volume 5.

Updated comic releases for November 08

Written by Big Bot on October 10, 2008 | Comics,IDW Publishing,News | Tags: ,

IDW Editor Denton J. Tipton has updated his blog sidebar with new dates for Transformers comic releases for the next month. Included are the reprinting of Megatron Origin TPB and Transformers: Armada Vol 1, the edited TPB release of Transformers: The Reign of Starscream and confirmation of Spotlight: Blurr.

Surprising is that Transformers: Animated Vol. 5 is getting a second printing on 19th November, despite being released only on 22nd October.

29th October
Transformers Armada Vol. 1 TPB

5th November
The Transformers Spotlight: Blurr
The Transformers Best of UK: Time Wars #4

12th November

Transformers: Animated: The Arrival #4
The Transformers: Megatron Origins TPB (2nd printing)

19th November
The Transformers Spotlight: Optimus Prime 3-D
Transformers: The Reign of Starscream TPB
Transformers: Animated Vol. 1 (3rd printing)
Transformers: Animated Vol. 3 (2nd printing)
Transformers: Animated Vol. 5 (2nd printing)

We’ve included all this on our new comic release schedule.

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