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It's been six months since we last bothered updating this site. Not because we've lost our love for Transformers, but because we really can't be bothered… [more]

TheTF.Net Northern Meet TheTF.Net Northern Meet

Transformers Fall of Cybertron trailer featuring Metroplex

Activision has just released a new trailer for Transformers Fall of Cybertron on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. This trailer features the city sized Autobot Metroplex,… [more]

Transformers Fall of Cybertron trailer featuring Metroplex Transformers Fall of Cybertron trailer featuring Metroplex

Eight Weeks Until Auto Assembly 2012

Eight Weeks Until Auto Assembly 2012 It's hard to believe that we are now just eight weeks away from Auto Assembly 2012, Europe's Largest Transformers… [more]

Eight Weeks Until Auto Assembly 2012 Eight Weeks Until Auto Assembly 2012

Transformers Prime Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer for Transformers Prime on the Nintendo Wii has finally been released. The game, also available on the Nintendo 3DS and DS, is developed… [more]

Transformers Prime Teaser Trailer Transformers Prime Teaser Trailer

Interview with Transformers: Animated Story Editor Marty Isenberg

Written by Big Bot on December 11, 2008 | Animated,Cartoon,Interviews,News | Tags:

Art & Story has recorded an audio interview with Marty Isenberg, the story editor for Transformers: Animated and writer for IDW’s Transformers: Animated The Arrival series. The interview discusses character building techniques, story production and what’s to come in season 3 of Transformers: Animated.

Marty Isenberg on Animated, Beast Machines & Writing

Written by Big Bot on August 1, 2008 | Animated,News | Tags: have interviewed Transformers: Animated Story Editor Marty Isenberg, discussing his role in developing the Transformers: Animated cartoon, his work on Beast Machines and other cartoons series and how he likes to write series.

TFW2005: What have been some things that you have found to be hard to cut out of a given story, Transformers or otherwise? Were there any concepts in a show you’re worked on that you’d have liked to explore further? How is it decided what stays and what is cut?

Marty Isenberg: The biggest factor is time. Not every great idea, moment, line of dialogue or bit of action can fit into a 22-minute episode of television. I’ve had to cut in script — or Matt has had to cut in storyboard — some stuff that absolutely pains us to cut. There are several stories we really want to do that for one reason or another we haven’t had room for in a Season. Sometimes I’ve managed to put stuff back in the comics that had to get cut for the show.

There are a couple of funny trick-or-treat bits we had to cut from “Along Came a Spider” for time. “Velocity” lost a really nice scene where Sari distracts Bulkhead and allows Bumblebee to sneak out. “Megatron Rising” lost a significant scene, but not for time. The animation that came back from overseas was simply unusable. So I can reveal here for the first time that the Dinobots were SUPPOSED to join the battle in Part Two, only to have Megatron singlehandedly defeat them one-two-three — basically to show what a badass Megatron is in his new body and how our heroes don’t stand a chance. Ultimately the episode worked fine without that scene, and I suspect there would have been some disgruntled fans upset about how easily the Dinobots were taken down.