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Transformers-themed pub could be Britain’s Best Home Bar Transformers-themed pub could be Britain’s Best Home Bar

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Our 2019 Forum Meet took place this weekend, in Cardiff

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Video Footage from Transforce in 2001

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Piranacon (Marvel Comics)

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“To live is to hunt; to hunt is to live!”

Profile: As the living incarnation of the six distinct and often feuding Seacon personalities, Piranacon might lead one to believe that his six-part mind must be confused and tormented. Quite the opposite is true. The bottom line on all Seacons is that they love what they do, and what they do best is hunt for prey. Piranacon is the truest expression of this lethal talent. From
the moment the Seacons combine to form him, he is hunting for prey. When he finds and destroys one hapless victim, he immediately starts looking for another. He will continue this course of behavior until he runs out of fuel (which he inevitably will do since he never pauses to re-energize) or until he is stopped (which considering his awesome power, rarely happens). Usually, Seacon leader Snaptrap sets an internal timer in advance of combining with the other Seacons to insure that Piranacon will automatically disassemble into his component Seacons at some future time. Piranacon is so single-minded about his task that he will brush aside – if necessary, knock aside – any Decepticon who tries to talk to him about anything else. More than a few of his comrades have had a few screws jarred loose (and worse) by merely asking Piranacon if he would like his joints lubed, or some equally innocent question. “I wish I had a thousand more like him,” Decepticon Commander Megatron says with a smile.

Abilities: Piranacon’s strength is immense. He can hold up to 4,000,000 tons, making him ideal for lifting freighters and various warships from the sea. He is fully operational up to a depth of 30,000 feet below sea level. He only walks at a maximum speed of 15 mph on land and 10 mph undersea, but since he is virtually impervious to weapons-fire, his need for speed in order to evade enemy attack is negligible. He wields a jawbreaker cannon (which is actually the weapons-base mode of the Seacon Overbite), which shoots powerful metal-eating, salt-based corrosives.

Weaknesses: Piranacon has no known physical weaknesses. His one track mind often prevents him from accepting the advice and help of others, usually to his detriment. He jeopardizes his well-being by not attending to his own basic needs, such as refueling and removing rust spots.

Profile published in: TRANSFORMERS # 59


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“Everything is worth something, even me.”

Profile: Scavenger is driven by a manic urge to find things of value
in a desperate attempt to prove his worth to his comrades, particularly his
fellow Constructicons. And it makes no difference to him whether he has to dig
up a hillside or someone’s backyard – he could care less about personal property
– in order to accomplish his goal. But more often than not, what he brings back
is useless junk, which only reinforces his own image of uselessness to the others.
Decepticon Leader Megatron has gravely noted that, “such behavior would
be charming in a puppyoid, but ill-becomes a Decepticon warrior.” It is
only because Scavenger’s unique abilities sometimes prove to be of vital importance
that Megatron tolerates his continuing existence.

Abilities: In vehicular mode Scavenger’s power shovel is equipped with
a variety of magnetic, ionic, electrical and gas sensors that allow him to detect
the presence of a variety of materials within a 500-yard radius. He can also
emit sonic charges into the ground. By analyzing the echoes that come back to
him and using his other sensors he can determine with 80% accuracy the composition
of the ground underneath him to a depth of 1.2 miles. His power shovel and detection
powers combine to give Scavenger the ability to locate and uncover any number
of materials, from trace metals to fuel sources, that might be useful to the
Decepticon cause. He carries a missile launcher in vehicular mode and a laser
pistol in robot mode. When combined with his fellow Constructicons, he serves
as the right arm module in the giant robot known as Devastator.

Weaknesses: Scavenger’s abilities are diluted by his poor judgment,
which causes him to squander vast amounts of his fuel supply. He is also prone
to overtaxing his power shovel, causing it to break down from metal fatigue.


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“Quick action equals quick victory.”

Profile: Windcharger is the fastest Autobot of them all – for short
distances. He can go from 0 to 60 mph in automobile mode in almost no time whatsoever,
and that makes him useful in certain situations requiring very fast, very decisive
action. His personality is similar: what Windcharger decides he decides immediately.
He glances at something and moves, seldom bothering to ask questions. This may
be because his attention span isn’t particularly long. He becomes instantly
enthusiastic and a few hours later loses interest. His impatience often diminishes
his usefulness in lengthy, complex courses of action.

Abilities: In robot mode, Windcharger’s arms act as the positive and
negative poles of a magnet. He can cast powerful magnetic fields at distances
up to 700 feet. He can levitate a 10-ton block of steel at that distance. He
can attract objects that are affected by magnetism toward him or repel them.
At closer distances he can rip them apart.

Weaknesses: If overused, his magnetic ability uses up tremendous amounts
of power. Hence, he must be careful in using it. Unfortunately, Windcharger
is seldom careful and so is prone to debilitating burn-outs.


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“Fear is the element that unites all losers.”

Profile: The chilling rumble of Dirge’s engines as they approach from a distance is merely a prelude to the petrifying fear they induce in whomever is unlucky enough to hear as they pass overhead. And fear is something with which Dirge is quite familiar. He knows its all-consuming power; he understands how it can defeat even the mightiest of armies. He handles it with the same exacting proficiency that a concert pianist handles his piano’s keys. Even his fellow Decepticons are put off a bit by his mournful, silent manner. Ramjet sums up everyone’s feelings: “He gives me the creeps.”

Abilities: In jet mode, the sound from Dirge’s engines has the uncanny effect of producing spine-tingling (circuit-tingling, in the cases of other robots) fear in nearly everyone who hears it. Apparently, the engines emit a combination of frequencies that has a disorienting, fear-provoking effect on the nervous systems of all those within earshot. He also carries two air-to-air missiles and two automatic machine guns.

Weaknesses: In order to perform well as a warrior, Dirge needs to feel that he’s in control of a situation. When things get out of hand, Dirge is prone to suffer from the very weapon he himself wields so effectively – fear. Dirge’s usefulness evaporates under these conditions.


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“Don’t just take the goods, take the credit, too.”

Profile: Although many of his enemies (and comrades) call him the nastiest
of names, they can’t take away the fact that Packrat’s a top-notch thief. With
a cunning nature that rivals Megatron and a speed which astounds even the swiftest
of Maximals, Packrat is efficient at getting the job done. He strikes from the
shadows with lethal intensity, accomplishes the mission objectives, and quickly
melts back into the depths of the jungle. Packrat makes up for his lack of strength
through courage and ingenuity as a fighter. Although naturally quiet, he is
outfitted with a sonic dampening field which makes him virtually undetectable
by the Predacons. Packrat prefers to work alone so that he can complete the
mission by his own rules. He is the ultimate glory hound. Although small in
size, Packrat has an ego the size of one of Cybertron’s moons. His ego is fed
through the continual bluffing of all who surround him, whether friend or foe.
His penchant for stealing is surpassed only by his desire to let everyone know
he did it. These acts of bluffing cause unease and distrust among his teammates
aboard the Axalon. His quarters are full of stolen artifacts, broken pieces
of equipment, and other treasures from various looting escapades. Whether Packrat
is sent out on a solo mission or as backup, no one is quite sure if they can
count on him. Despite his bravado, Packrat has a low self-esteem and is constantly
trying to prove himself and gain the respect of the other Maximals. With the
recent addition of the Energon armor, devised by Fractyl of the Predacons, Packrat
saw the opportunity to gain this much sought after respect. However, at Rhinox’s
insistence, he voluntarily gave up the armor, thereby saving himself and consequently,
his teammates.

Abilities: In beast mode, Packrat can travel up to 35 kph while cruising,
and up to 45 kph in short bursts. His sonic dampening field creates an aura
that has a mean sound level of 5 decibels. If he is not seen, Packrat can approach
within 2 feet of his target without being detected. Packrat possesses superb
night vision which helps him in nocturnal or underground jobs. His Energon armor,
in robot mode, can repel fields up to 10 gigajoules per square centimeter, and
subsequently can last infinitely longer in robot mode than all other Maximals
or Predacons. His weapon of choice is a sonic disrupter which shatters the exostructure
of his target.

Weaknesses: Packrat has a low self-esteem due to the constant mistrust
everyone has towards him. Due to this breakdown of teamwork, Packrat usually
cannot rely on anyone to cover him during a battle. The Energon armor works
well with small to moderate doses of the energy source, but behaves violently
when placed within range of raw Energon. The resulting Energon-anti-Energon
reaction ends in a detonation with the force of a thousand tons of explosives,
destroying both the armor and the host.

Bruticus (Marvel Comics)

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“The road to conquest is paved with Autobot wrecks.”

Profile: Bruticus is a model soldier. He performs his tasks with the cool, efficient, unquestioning manner that would bring an auditory module to auditory module smile to the face of any military commander. He knows how to follow orders. But he’s not very good at taking initiative on his own. In fact, he’s liable to stand around looking confused in the middle of a battle if nobody is there to tell him what to do. Still, he represents a fairly successful merging of the minds and personalities of the five Combaticons – Brawl, Swindle, Blast Off, Vortex and Onslaught – who comprise him. Whether he’s just crushing an Autobot, or flattening a whole team of them, Bruticus just does his job. “I like him,” says Decepticon Leader Megatron. “I wish I had a whole army of Bruticuses!” Luckily for the Autobots, he doesn’t.

Abilities: Bruticus is incredibly strong. He can pulverize a suspension bridge with one 14,000 psi punch. He can lift up to 500,000 pounds. He uses Onslaught’s powerful sonic stun-gun, which can smash a hillside to dust with a single blast. His armor is impervious to most artillery and radiation.

Weaknesses: Bruticus is slow and not very agile. He makes an easy target. He is not a creative thinker, and can sometimes even be a hindrance in battle if not properly prepared with instructions.


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“I never met a Decepticon I didn’t dislike.”

Profile: Conversations don’t come easy when Bluestreak is around. His
talent for incessant and often inane talk tends to drown out those close by,
but at least his gregarious manner serves to lighten the otherwise grim situation
of the Autobots. What is not widely known is the underlying reason for his endless
droning: to hide the fact that he hates war. Despite his formidable weaponry
and his blazing speed, he is basically not a warrior type. Autobot Commander
Optimus Prime’s faith in him helps sustain Bluestreak in the heat of battle.
Optimus knows that Bluestreak will be forever haunted by the memory of his witnessing
the total destruction of his city back on Cybertron by the Decepticons. He was
the lone survivor. “There’s some demons runnin’ loose inside that boy,”
says Hound, “and sometimes I think they grab hold of him and won’t let
him go.”

Abilities: In automobile mode, Bluestreak is among the fastest Autobots.
He can sustain speeds of up to 150 mph for more than 12 hours. In robot mode,
he carries twin shoulder-mounted rocket launchers, each capable of hurling a
shell containing four independently targetable warheads a distance of 8.3 miles
with a maximum error margin of 12 feet from target at that distance. Each warhead
possesses the concussive force equivalent to 150 lbs. of TNT. His ion-charge
disperser rifle electrifies a line of particles in the air in the direction
in which it is pointed. By its nature, its accuracy is limited, but it can shoot
an electrified particle beam, resembling blue lightning, a distance of 12 miles
and punch a 10 foot hole in a cinder-block wall. The electrical charge of a
single bolt can be as high as 80,000 volts.

Weaknesses: As powerful and threatening as he is, Bluestreak can be
completely undone at times by his disdain for combat and his reluctance to fight.

Rodimus Prime

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“Experience is the benchmark of maturity.”

Profile: Rodimus Prime is the mature, transformed persona
of Hot Rod. This transformation and simultaneous assumption of the Autobot leadership
occured in a major battle between the Autobots and Decepticons. It is as Rodimus
Prime that Hot Rod defeated Unicron and restored order to the galaxy. Rodimus
Prime speaks with the savvy of a seasoned veteran. He can be hot-headed at times
– he has a tendency to act first and ask questions later. Rodimus Prime’s sole
purpose is to protect all life.

Abilities: He possesses acute military prowess. Rodimus Prime
is an expert tactician with exceptional maneuverability in battle. In robot
mode, he carries a photon eliminator that shoots high voltage electricity. Range:
500 miles. Speed: 200 mph.

Weaknesses: His only weakness is his compassion for other
living creatures.

Defensor (Marvel Comics)

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“As long as one innocent being is threatened, none are truly free.”

Profile: Charged with the awesome responsibility of protecting humans from Decepticon attacks, Defensor views the people of Earth as if they were his own children. Using all his power and strength, he’ll fight until his last drop of fuel is expended before he’ll allow a person to be harmed. His is a kinship that defies logic; in fact, many of the other Autobots worry that Defensor undermines his own effectiveness by being so emotionally attached to humans. Inevitably, Defensor is disappointed by this cross-species friendship he tries to foster. Although he thinks of himself as one of the humans, much like a sheepdog among a flock of sheep, rarely do humans consider this hulking, mechanical alien one of them. More likely, they consider Defensor a threat, as terrifying as any Decepticon. So far, this is a bitter truth that Defensor refuses to accept.

Abilities: Defensor has tremendous strength. He can lift 300,000 pounds with one hand. As a combination of the five Protectobots – Blades, Streetwise, Groove, First Aid, and Hot Spot – Defensor has a mind that is surprisingly sharp. Occasionally, he suffers from brief mental lapses when the portion of his mind that is Groove’s wanders. He is impervious to most artillery. He can surround himself and a 50-foot circle around him with a protective force-field. This, however, takes tremendous energy, so Defensor rarely uses the force-field for more than a minute at a time. He wields a fireball cannon, which shoots 2000 degree Fahrenheit bursts of blue fire up to 1.5 miles.

Weaknesses: Other than the aforementioned brief mental lapses, Defensor’s limbs sometimes fail to move upon command from his brain, apparently due to poor circuit connections. He is not especially mobile or agile.


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“Things are never as bad as they seem – usually they’re worse.”

Profile: If Dreadwind is the ultimate pessimist, Darkwing completes
the equation by being a manic-depressive. He believes that life is one long
ordeal of pain and suffering, and that it’s pointless struggling against it.
However, where his brother-in-arms just sits back and lets this bleak outlook
get him down, Darkwing is no passive bystander. If he’s destined to suffer,
then by Primus he’s going to make others share it… only more so! His avowed
purpose in life is to make the lives of others worse than he believes his to
be! To him, death is getting off lightly. Better to leave a foe still alive,
in terrible pain. He somehow feels better knowing that others are suffering
more than he is. But there is a side to Darkwing that’s every bit as gloomy
as Dreadwind. No matter how well things are going for him, he’s convinced that
it’s not going to last. To Darkwing, the next personal disaster is always just
around the corner. If nothing else, this attitude keeps him alert to impending
attack. He’s partnered to Throttle, a (self-admittedly) low-life thief. He revels
in his chosen profession and loves mixing with society’s dregs. Throttle sees
this as simple honesty and appreciates that in others. If he doesn’t like you,
he’ll tell you in no uncertain terms. With Throttle, what you see is what you
get. In a way, that’s why he gets on okay with Darkwing (though Darkwing might
have something to say about that), because at least Darkwing doesn’t pretend
to be anything he’s not. So he’s a pessimist – so what?

Abilities: Darkwing’s jet mode abilities mirror Dreadwind’s almost exactly.
Darkwing combines with Dreadwind to form the vehicle Dreadwing, so they are
not so much two jets as two halves of the same jet. Fast and deadly, Darkwing
is similarly laden with weaponry, the most deadly of which are his two laser-guided
electro-kinetic blasters, which turn an enemy’s power against its owner. The
more powerful the foe, the more Darkwing can hurt him. Unlike Dreadwind, he
is mobile and lethal in robot mode, specializing in hand-to-hand combat.

Weaknesses: If he weren’t teamed with such a reckless hothead, Darkwing
could probably claim to have no weaknesses. As it is, Throttle is so keen to
prove himself that he over-exerts himself in engine mode, desperately trying
to outdo Dreadwind, and overheats. When this happens in the heat of battle,
it can have disastrous consequences, leaving Darkwing high and dry and a sitting
duck. Darkwing hates combining to form Dreadwing, and is often distracted by
continually bickering with Dreadwind.

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