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Bruticus (Marvel Comics)

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“The road to conquest is paved with Autobot wrecks.”

Profile: Bruticus is a model soldier. He performs his tasks with the cool, efficient, unquestioning manner that would bring an auditory module to auditory module smile to the face of any military commander. He knows how to follow orders. But he’s not very good at taking initiative on his own. In fact, he’s liable to stand around looking confused in the middle of a battle if nobody is there to tell him what to do. Still, he represents a fairly successful merging of the minds and personalities of the five Combaticons – Brawl, Swindle, Blast Off, Vortex and Onslaught – who comprise him. Whether he’s just crushing an Autobot, or flattening a whole team of them, Bruticus just does his job. “I like him,” says Decepticon Leader Megatron. “I wish I had a whole army of Bruticuses!” Luckily for the Autobots, he doesn’t.

Abilities: Bruticus is incredibly strong. He can pulverize a suspension bridge with one 14,000 psi punch. He can lift up to 500,000 pounds. He uses Onslaught’s powerful sonic stun-gun, which can smash a hillside to dust with a single blast. His armor is impervious to most artillery and radiation.

Weaknesses: Bruticus is slow and not very agile. He makes an easy target. He is not a creative thinker, and can sometimes even be a hindrance in battle if not properly prepared with instructions.


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“I never met a Decepticon I didn’t dislike.”

Profile: Conversations don’t come easy when Bluestreak is around. His
talent for incessant and often inane talk tends to drown out those close by,
but at least his gregarious manner serves to lighten the otherwise grim situation
of the Autobots. What is not widely known is the underlying reason for his endless
droning: to hide the fact that he hates war. Despite his formidable weaponry
and his blazing speed, he is basically not a warrior type. Autobot Commander
Optimus Prime’s faith in him helps sustain Bluestreak in the heat of battle.
Optimus knows that Bluestreak will be forever haunted by the memory of his witnessing
the total destruction of his city back on Cybertron by the Decepticons. He was
the lone survivor. “There’s some demons runnin’ loose inside that boy,”
says Hound, “and sometimes I think they grab hold of him and won’t let
him go.”

Abilities: In automobile mode, Bluestreak is among the fastest Autobots.
He can sustain speeds of up to 150 mph for more than 12 hours. In robot mode,
he carries twin shoulder-mounted rocket launchers, each capable of hurling a
shell containing four independently targetable warheads a distance of 8.3 miles
with a maximum error margin of 12 feet from target at that distance. Each warhead
possesses the concussive force equivalent to 150 lbs. of TNT. His ion-charge
disperser rifle electrifies a line of particles in the air in the direction
in which it is pointed. By its nature, its accuracy is limited, but it can shoot
an electrified particle beam, resembling blue lightning, a distance of 12 miles
and punch a 10 foot hole in a cinder-block wall. The electrical charge of a
single bolt can be as high as 80,000 volts.

Weaknesses: As powerful and threatening as he is, Bluestreak can be
completely undone at times by his disdain for combat and his reluctance to fight.

Rodimus Prime

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“Experience is the benchmark of maturity.”

Profile: Rodimus Prime is the mature, transformed persona
of Hot Rod. This transformation and simultaneous assumption of the Autobot leadership
occured in a major battle between the Autobots and Decepticons. It is as Rodimus
Prime that Hot Rod defeated Unicron and restored order to the galaxy. Rodimus
Prime speaks with the savvy of a seasoned veteran. He can be hot-headed at times
– he has a tendency to act first and ask questions later. Rodimus Prime’s sole
purpose is to protect all life.

Abilities: He possesses acute military prowess. Rodimus Prime
is an expert tactician with exceptional maneuverability in battle. In robot
mode, he carries a photon eliminator that shoots high voltage electricity. Range:
500 miles. Speed: 200 mph.

Weaknesses: His only weakness is his compassion for other
living creatures.

Defensor (Marvel Comics)

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“As long as one innocent being is threatened, none are truly free.”

Profile: Charged with the awesome responsibility of protecting humans from Decepticon attacks, Defensor views the people of Earth as if they were his own children. Using all his power and strength, he’ll fight until his last drop of fuel is expended before he’ll allow a person to be harmed. His is a kinship that defies logic; in fact, many of the other Autobots worry that Defensor undermines his own effectiveness by being so emotionally attached to humans. Inevitably, Defensor is disappointed by this cross-species friendship he tries to foster. Although he thinks of himself as one of the humans, much like a sheepdog among a flock of sheep, rarely do humans consider this hulking, mechanical alien one of them. More likely, they consider Defensor a threat, as terrifying as any Decepticon. So far, this is a bitter truth that Defensor refuses to accept.

Abilities: Defensor has tremendous strength. He can lift 300,000 pounds with one hand. As a combination of the five Protectobots – Blades, Streetwise, Groove, First Aid, and Hot Spot – Defensor has a mind that is surprisingly sharp. Occasionally, he suffers from brief mental lapses when the portion of his mind that is Groove’s wanders. He is impervious to most artillery. He can surround himself and a 50-foot circle around him with a protective force-field. This, however, takes tremendous energy, so Defensor rarely uses the force-field for more than a minute at a time. He wields a fireball cannon, which shoots 2000 degree Fahrenheit bursts of blue fire up to 1.5 miles.

Weaknesses: Other than the aforementioned brief mental lapses, Defensor’s limbs sometimes fail to move upon command from his brain, apparently due to poor circuit connections. He is not especially mobile or agile.


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“Things are never as bad as they seem – usually they’re worse.”

Profile: If Dreadwind is the ultimate pessimist, Darkwing completes
the equation by being a manic-depressive. He believes that life is one long
ordeal of pain and suffering, and that it’s pointless struggling against it.
However, where his brother-in-arms just sits back and lets this bleak outlook
get him down, Darkwing is no passive bystander. If he’s destined to suffer,
then by Primus he’s going to make others share it… only more so! His avowed
purpose in life is to make the lives of others worse than he believes his to
be! To him, death is getting off lightly. Better to leave a foe still alive,
in terrible pain. He somehow feels better knowing that others are suffering
more than he is. But there is a side to Darkwing that’s every bit as gloomy
as Dreadwind. No matter how well things are going for him, he’s convinced that
it’s not going to last. To Darkwing, the next personal disaster is always just
around the corner. If nothing else, this attitude keeps him alert to impending
attack. He’s partnered to Throttle, a (self-admittedly) low-life thief. He revels
in his chosen profession and loves mixing with society’s dregs. Throttle sees
this as simple honesty and appreciates that in others. If he doesn’t like you,
he’ll tell you in no uncertain terms. With Throttle, what you see is what you
get. In a way, that’s why he gets on okay with Darkwing (though Darkwing might
have something to say about that), because at least Darkwing doesn’t pretend
to be anything he’s not. So he’s a pessimist – so what?

Abilities: Darkwing’s jet mode abilities mirror Dreadwind’s almost exactly.
Darkwing combines with Dreadwind to form the vehicle Dreadwing, so they are
not so much two jets as two halves of the same jet. Fast and deadly, Darkwing
is similarly laden with weaponry, the most deadly of which are his two laser-guided
electro-kinetic blasters, which turn an enemy’s power against its owner. The
more powerful the foe, the more Darkwing can hurt him. Unlike Dreadwind, he
is mobile and lethal in robot mode, specializing in hand-to-hand combat.

Weaknesses: If he weren’t teamed with such a reckless hothead, Darkwing
could probably claim to have no weaknesses. As it is, Throttle is so keen to
prove himself that he over-exerts himself in engine mode, desperately trying
to outdo Dreadwind, and overheats. When this happens in the heat of battle,
it can have disastrous consequences, leaving Darkwing high and dry and a sitting
duck. Darkwing hates combining to form Dreadwing, and is often distracted by
continually bickering with Dreadwind.

Kickback (Marvel Comics)

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“Friend is another word for fool.”

Profile: Kickback is as charming a guy as you’ll ever meet – but it is a charm rooted in an uncommonly cruel cleverness. The singular purpose of any friendship that this Insecticon begins is to dig up embarrassing facts about the other robot or person so that Kickback can influence his “friend” into doing his bidding. Humans are particularly susceptible to his seductive talents, but even Autobots have been known to succumb. The only thing Kickback enjoys more than recruiting these unwilling double agents is destroying them after he’s exhausted their usefulness.

Abilities: In his insect mode, Kickback can use his powerful leg modules to propel him up to heights of 40 feet and over distances of a tenth of a mile. Although small in this form, a single kick of his can punch a hole in a


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“Don’t shoot until you see the wires in their eyes.”

Profile: Crosshairs had a long career on Cybertron as the Autobots’
chief armory manager. He procured, maintained and supplied to his brethren the
latest and most lethal weapons. But he grew more and more disgusted with himself
as more and more Decepticons were consigned to the scrapyard, the awful result
of his labors. He reasoned there were better ways to use his time than stockpiling
implements of death. He quit the weapons business and joined the Autobot band
led by Fortress Maximus. When Fortress Maximus renounced war, Crosshairs was
one of the first to agree with him and one of the most vocal of his supporters.
However, events on the planet Nebulos soon forced these Autobots to take up
arms against the Decepticons again, and Crosshairs grudgingly went along. Given
his prior experience, he was appointed weapons supervisor by Fortress Maximus.
He’s meticulous, cautious – some would say overcautious. Although he’s less
than happy with his job, he’s very caring about it, and mindful of his limited
resources. He doesn’t like to waste ammo; he won’t take a shot unless he’s sure
he can’t miss, and encourages others to do the same.

Pinpointer was a biomass recycling engineer on Nebulos. As such, he shares
his binary-bonded partner Crosshairs’ concerns for efficiency and avoiding waste.
He’s very businesslike and can be brief in his words to the point of appearing
rude. But he is very reliable and an ideal Targetmaster.

Abilities: Pinpointer transforms into a dual rocket-propelled grenade
launcher who can lock on a target in less than .0003 seconds, but usually trusts
Crosshairs to tell him when to shoot. He can be fired by hand or mounted on
and operated by Crosshairs in vehicle mode. In vehicle mode Crosshairs has a
maximum speed of 160 mph and a range of 750 miles. He’s built for traversing
very rough terrain and has superior durability.

Weaknesses: In weapons mode, Pinpointer often suffers from nausea and
dizziness as a result of the exhaust fumes he inhales from his own grenade firings.
This can severely reduce his accuracy. Crosshairs sometimes becomes emotionally
overcome by the rampant destruction he witnesses in battle, hampering his combat


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“Logic is the ultimate weapon.”

Profile: He is quiet, competent, and very loyal, but perhaps his most
valuable trait is his almost endless patience. Once Prowl is assigned a task,
he will keep at it until it is accomplished. He works with proven facts, not
imagination or guesses. If he has any doubts, he will radio Optimus Prime, his
commander, before proceeding. He hates doubts in any form, and he strives to
make everything he encounters reasonable and logical. He believes it only when
he can explain it. On a personal level he is friendly, but not too sociable.
He’s a listener, not a talker, unless someone says something unreasonable. Then
he will demand an explanation.

Abilities: Prowl has the most sophisticated logic center of all the
Autobots, giving him the ability to analyze any combat situation almost instantaneously
and then advise on the optimal course of action. For example, Prowl can observe
800 moving objects, compute their probable paths of movement, and determine
the proper countermove in .05 seconds. From his shoulder cannons he can shoot
wire-guided incendiary missiles that reach temperatures of 12,000 degrees Centigrade
upon explosion. He also carries a semi-automatic rifle that shoots pellets filled
with a highly corrosive acid. Its range is 300 yards.

Weaknesses: His dedication to logic and reason makes Prowl particularly
vulnerable to the unexpected. Irrational and inexplicable situations can really
scramble his circuits, sometimes to the point of total shutdown of his mechano-cortex
center, leaving him temporarily dysfunctional.


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“Things are never as good as they seem.”

Profile: Crankcase is a wheezing, whining ingrate who is about as welcome
as a rash of rust-rot, even among his fellow Triggercons. His favorite pastime
is complaining about everything and everyone. Nothing is good enough for him.
He delights in the misfortunes of others. Apparently, their misery makes him
feel superior in some misguided, muddle-headed way. This juvenile “I’m-better-than-you-are”
need in him stems from his youth, before he became a Decepticon. At that time
he was little more than a gangly collection of circuits and servo-motors, performing
a menial janitorial function in the Fuel-Spill Section of the Ministry of Energy
and Nutrition on Cybertron. More robust fellow workers mocked his feeble physique
and bullied him. Feeling alienated from and hatred of established society, Crankcase
eagerly joined the Decepticons when they began their war against the Autobots.
Megatron himself rebuilt Crankcase to give him increased bulk and strength.
Crankcase’s first action in his new body was to attack the Ministry of Energy
and Nutrition. Millions of years later, the fuel spill he caused has yet to
be fully cleaned up.

Abilities: Crankcase has a vast data storage capacity. His memory can
contain 400 trillion trillion bits of information, which are encoded in patterns
of light within microscopic crystal matrices. His titanium-steel alloy armor
is resistant to all explosive shells having yields of ten megatons or less.
Twin infrared probes can penetrate and analyze most unshielded electrical circuitry.
He is armed with two high-impact laser blasters and a distortion modulator that
scrambles internal electrical signals within most targets that it hits. It can
effectively cause temporary paralysis or uncontrollable, spasmodic seizures
within a victim. He transforms into a ground vehicle with the same armor and
sensor properties. In this mode his maximum speed is 90 miles per hour and his
range is 480 miles.

Weaknesses: In vehicle mode, Crankcase is prone to frequent tire blowouts.
On rare occasions, a sharp blow to his head module causes small data dumps in
different areas of his memory – a form of amnesia similar to the type found
in some humans who have undergone similar trauma.


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“My power is everything; defeat is absurd!”

Profile: Galvatron is the new name and identity for Megatron when his
remains are metamorphosized by Unicron. Galvatron is Megatron to the ultimate
degree, more evil, more powerful, and even less subject to emotion or decency.
Through the powers of Unicron, Galvatron’s own powers are augmented continuously
so that his strength becomes so vast that his arrogance and confidence are boundless.
As long as Unicron exists, Galvatron is invincible, but Galvatron’s conceit
and greed for dominance are so great he even plots against Unicron and hopes
to retain his new might without him.

Abilities: He possesses enough strength to pulverize an Autobot into
scrap metal. In robot mode, he carries a laser that emits chemically-produced,
direct-current electricity.

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