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Video Footage from Transforce in 2001

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Written by Darren 'Starscream' Jamieson on October 11, 2007 | Characters |


“The least likely can be the most dangerous.”

Profile: Bumblebee is the Autobots’ little brother. He’s small, eager and at times can be a bit of a smart-mouth. Yet for all his wisecracks, he obviously idolizes the bigger robots, especially Optimus and Prowl. He is useful as a messenger and a spy; he can go where other vehicles would not dare because he does not look threatening. And his relatively small size occasionally enables him to use routes not available to the others. More than anything, Bumblebee wants to be accepted, and this sometimes causes him to take chances he shouldn’t.

Abilities: As he can get up to 1.8 times more use out of a unit of fuel than the next most efficient Autobot, Bumblebee is often called upon at times of low energy resources. His visual acuity rates tops of all Autobots: he can spot a 10″ � 10″ object at a distance of 48 miles on a clear day. His adaptability to water environments makes him particularly important in undersea reconnaissance and salvage operations.

Weaknesses: Bumblebee is physically the weakest of the Autobots, and the most easily damaged. His stealth more than compensates for this liability.


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# 1 (as Bumblebee)

“To know others you must first know yourself.”

Profile: Although the Autobot Bumblebee’s body was destroyed (in G.I.
JOE AND THE TRANSFORMERS # 1), his mind was still intact. A new body, similar
to the old one but improved, was built. But Bumblebee resisted assuming his
old role again. His brush with death had changed him: he was no longer willing
to play the part of the cute, wisecracking “little brother.” He no
longer enjoyed the other Autobots’ often patronizing attitude toward him, nor
did he accept it. He now had a more serious, even darker side. Some might say
he matured. So, rejecting much of his old self, he also rejected his name –
Bumblebee. He wanted a new identity to go along with his new body. He chose
Goldbug. He’s more assertive now, a change reflected in his promotion to the
Autobots’ Espionage Director. He’s still a very engaging, affable fellow, but
sometimes he can get downright gloomy when he’s working, so much so that others
are put off by him. He no longer acts the way he feels others would like him
to. He is no longer interested in gaining their acceptance. He has come to realize
that what others think about him is not nearly as important as what he thinks
about himself. And lately, he generally feels very good about himself. And thankful
that he has another chance.

Abilities: Goldbug is even more fuel-efficient now than he had been
as Bumblebee. He gets up to 2� times more use out of a unit of fuel than
any other Autobot. He’s faster and has greater range. He has extremely good
vision. He’s an excellent eavesdropper: he can hear a pin drop on the other
side of a foot-thick concrete wall. He is adaptable to underwater, cold and
hot environments. He has a peak efficiency operating range from -150 to +180
degrees Fahrenheit.

Weaknesses: Although stronger than he had been as Bumblebee, Goldbug
is still one of the physically weakest of the Autobots.


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“You break it, I’ll remake it.”

Profile: Ratchet was known as the best tool-and-die man on Cybertron.
In his work-area bay, he can fashion anything from a pin to a cruise missile
and repair most of the Autobots and their specific parts, given the right materials.
His rough language and manners belie his gentle touch on the operating-assembly
table. He knows how to have a good time despite his involvement in a combat
group. “When does the party begin?” is his usual query after he’s
completed patching up his latest fallen comrade. He’s more prone to giving his
leader, Optimus Prime, a lot more backtalk than the other Autobots, but does
his job as well as anyone.

Abilities: Ratchet has an assortment of laser scalpels, arc-welders,
electron microscopes, electrical circuit sensors and fluid dispensers (both
lubricating and super-cooled) at his disposal.

Weaknesses: His preference for partying to anything else sometimes interferes
with getting his job done. Otherwise he’s only limited in doing his work by
time and materials available.


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“Do it with style or don’t bother doing it.”

Profile: Jazz would be cruising down Bourbon Street in New
Orleans or be double-parked outside a cellar club in Greenwich Village soaking
up the local sounds if he weren’t in the middle of a war. He’s a confirmed Earthen
culture junkie – he can talk fluently about ballet or break-dancing (although
he prefers the latter), and he’s always on the lookout for more stuff to turn
on to. His knowledge of Earthen ways and his easy adaptability to Earthen environments
make him the indispensable right-hand man of his commander, Optimus Prime. He’s
often given the most dangerous assignments, and, with characteristic coolness,
usually pulls them off using something out of his seemingly bottomless bag of
tricks. He’d rather dazzle you with style than accomplish a mission the easy

Abilities: In robot mode, Jazz can use his solar-powered
photon rifle with deadly accuracy up to a distance of .9 miles from target,
and he can shoot it from virtually any physical position he may be in with equal
effectiveness. He can also use a combination of his overhead flame-thrower (maximum
range of 250 feet), full-spectrum front grill beacon and 180 dB stereo speakers
to create a spectacular, disorienting light and sound show. He has been known
to glide for more than 3000 feet using his rear-mounted ailerons. His biggest
asset is the versatility and cleverness he possesses in using the resources
at his disposal.

Weaknesses: Although Jazz’s firepower and strength are weak
relatives to that of some of the other Autobots, he more than compensates with
his daring and skill. He’s prone to be distracted from his primary assignment
by Earthen behavior patterns that he finds interesting. This sometimes leads
to disastrous consequences.


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“Compassion is the currency of losers.”

Profile: With not a trace of mercy to be found among his microchips, Cutthroat, not surprisingly, enjoys a reputation for mindless savagery and excessive destruction. His antics even shock some of his fellow Decepticons in their extremeness; his preferred fighting style is lashing out with wings, beaks and claws until he’s reduced his adversary to metal ribbons. Though many of his allies privately bemoan the energy wasted in Cutthroat’s lethal zeal, none has had the courage to attempt to talk to him about it. They know that if they antagonize Cutthroat, he might just as soon turn his insatiable lust for destruction on them as on the Autobots.

Abilities: In creature mode, Cutthroat can leap up to four miles and, if he catches the right breeze, has been known to glide for short distances. He can shoot a stream of 800 degrees Fahrenheit flame from his mouth. His beak, wings and claws can slice through all but diamond and a few rare iron alloys. In robot mode, he carries a double-barreled magnetizer, which charges any metal target it hits with powerful, opposite magnetic fields so that the target literally tears itself apart. He combines with his fellow Terrorcons to form the giant robot known as Abominus. He prefers not to do this since he considers Abominus too “tame” for his tastes.

Weaknesses: Cutthroat often recklessly uses his difficult-to-control leaping and gliding abilities, and consequently, often ends up in situations where he does not have the advantage. His excessive use of force often leaves him depleted of energy and vulnerable to attack.

Dead End

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“We are all just food for rust.”

Profile: Sullen and fatalistic, Dead End sees little reason to continue the Autobot-Decepticon War since all Transformers eventually become inoperative anyway, even though it might take tens of thousands of years. Yet he spends more time keeping himself unmarred and shiny than any of his fellow Stunticons, an irony not lost upon Motormaster, who speculates that Dead End wants to at least make sure he leaves a pretty wreck when he dies. This vanity leads to a lot of teasing and derision directed toward Dead End, which just makes him feel worse. The only thing that can lift his spirits is blasting Autobots in battle, despite what he says about the pointlessness of it all. It seems he’s too busy trying to save his own life to get depressed about the possibility of losing it.

Abilities: In car mode, Dead End can reach speeds of up to 220 mph. He emanates a radar signal that allows him to detect the movements of any vehicle or robot within a 200-mile radius, and he can use it to mentally map the surrounding terrain as well. He’s adept at using this ability to lead enemy Autobots into
traps – such as dead ends! In robot mode, he carries a compressor-air gun, which can let out a blast of air that packs a 40,000 psi punch, enough to splinter a grove of oak trees. He combines with his fellow Stunticons to form the giant robot, Menasor.

Weaknesses: Dead End is a fearless fighter in battle, but getting him motivated to begin fighting is always a problem. Sometimes he can be so listless and depressed that it takes a direct hit with a cluster bomb to spur him to fight. When that happens, he’s usually no longer in any condition for battle.


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“Run hot, but always keep your cool.”

Profile: Getaway is an escape artist without equal. He uses a combination of finesse and logic to get himself out of the stickiest situations. His ability to keep his cool even under the most extreme conditions is legendary. This reputation was born on the battlefield, long before he became a Powermaster, in what has come to be known as the Armornecking Incident: Getaway was leading a routine patrol on the Titanium Turnpike on Cybertron when he and his fellow Autobots momentarily paused to witness a spectacular traffic accident on the other side of the highway. While the Autobots were armornecking (the Cybertronic term for slowing down to see an accident), a troop of Decepticons that had secretly staged the accident swooped down upon them and attacked. The ambush left the Autobots in tatters, leaking fuel and leaving body parts all over the road. Getaway had all four tires blown out, lost vision in his right headlights and most of his left, and lost the use of his plasma-shell shotgun. Despite his condition and the Decepticon barrage, he cooly and cleverly led a tactical retreat to the nearby Polyhex Toll Plaza. The Autobots paid their energon tolls and went through. But, as Getaway suspected, the Decepticons weren’t carrying the proper change
and tried to pass without paying. This activated the toll gate security system, which snared the Decepticons before they could leave, giving the Autobots the advantage they needed to defeat the Decepticons and Getaway his well-deserved reputation.

Rev was a telecommunications scientist on the planet Nebulos at the Hi Q Industrial Research Complex, which was dedicated to inventing new technologies that could be used to prevent Transformers from invading the planet. Rev’s belief that the Transformers were more than machines, that they were living, feeling creatures, was instrumental in Hi Q’s decision to help a quartet of Autobots survive their visit to Nebulos. This help took the form of the Powermaster Process, in which Rev allowed his body to be bio-mechanically engineered so that he could be binary-bonded to Getaway and have the ability to transform and function as his engine. As a result, Rev and Getaway are completely interdependent and require connecting with each other on a semi-regular basis to insure their survival.

Abilities: Getaway is a master military strategist. In vehicle mode his 600 horsepower racing engine (Rev in engine mode) allows him to reach speeds of 540 miles per hour. He is equipped with bullet-proof windows and shell-resistant battle armor. His range is 1200 miles. An on-board computerized navigational system allows him to plot a long-range course in advance, so that he can give his attention to other matters as he travels. He is armed with a double-barrelled plasma-shell shotgun.

Weaknesses: Getaway is one of the toughest Autobots on the road today. He has no known weaknesses. Unless he is using the highest grade energon fuel, Rev has a tendency to knock and stall in engine mode.


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“My pleasure with my enemy’s pain comes.”

Profile: A quick glance at Weirdwolf’s motto might lead you to think
that it’s either a typographical error or this particular Decepticon has some
seriously crossed wires! We’re happy to say that the latter is true. Though
possessing hyper-keen senses and an alert, sharp mind, Weirdwolf is something
of a mess in the neural department. We all occasionally talk to ourselves, but
the trouble with Weirdwolf is that he does it all the time. And in an uncomfortably
loud, sing-song backward way. “Destroy the Autobots I shall. Rip their
faces off how nice it would be.” and so on. This habit doesn’t impair Weirdwolf’s
abilities. He’s cruel, vicious and incredibly deadly. But it does unsettle his
fellow Decepticons, especially in the midst of a tense battle. Weirdwolf is
binary-bonded to Monzo, a brutish professional hyperwrestler-turned-underworld-nightclub-owner.
If Weirdwolf was lacking anything in the sadistic department before, his Nebulan
partner more than makes up for it. The two are ideally matched, delighting in
the pain and carnage they deal out with savage abandon. These two like minds,
constantly seeking the thrill of combat, have no room left for fear, making
Weirdwolf a warrior without compare. The only trouble is, as Headmaster, the
internal conversations are sometimes three-way!

Abilities: Though in robot mode Weirdwolf wields a photon pistol (firing
high frequency energy particles) and a thermal sword (capable of cutting through
steel three inches thick), he tends to rely heavily on hand-to-hand combat.
Although he strenuously denies it, it is widely assumed that this is Monzo,
unable to forget his time as a professional hyperwrestler, exerting a controlling
influence on the shared mind. Weirdwolf doesn’t care. Up close suits him just
fine, because it enables him to switch to wolf mode and use his tungsten-tipped
claws on hapless Autobots. In this form, Weirdwolf comes equipped with nose
module tracking sensors, capable of reading smell, infrared heat images and
air current patterns. He can leap eight miles in a single bound.

Weaknesses: Weirdwolf’s crossed mental wires can sometimes ruin an otherwise
faultlessly silent approach. Just when he’s ready to pounce on the unsuspecting
Autobot he’s been tracking for the last twenty miles or so, he’ll open his mouth
and say “die you now!” and ruin the whole thing! It’s become so like
thinking to Weirdwolf, he doesn’t realize he’s speaking aloud.


Written by admin on | Characters,Comics,Marvel |



“Truth is revealed in the smallest detail.”

Profile: Nightbeat is a tough, no-nonsense type who is not afraid to
break the rules to get what he wants. And usually what he wants is the solution
to some complicated mystery… and he’ll go anywhere to get it. He feels as
comfortable driving down a dark alley as he does cruising along a six-lane super-highway.
He has an intuition for finding the truth that defies all known theories of
programming. In trying to account for Nightbeat’s remarkable talent, Optimus
Prime suspects that the circuitry in the digital detective’s logic center may
accidentally have been wired in a way contrary to accepted robotic engineering
procedures. But the Autobot Leader is still at a loss to explain why Nightbeat
thinks the way he does. Nightbeat prefers to work alone. Most partners don’t
understand his methods and his reasoning, and often wind up hindering his investigations
more than helping them. But being a good soldier, he doesn’t complain about
his fellow Autobots… instead he tries to compensate for their investigatory
deficiencies by working even harder.

He is binary-bonded to Muzzle, a human who worked as a detective on Nebulos
until he was framed in a scandal that put him out of business. When he found
out that an Autobot with training in detective work was looking for a Nebulan
partner, Muzzle immediately volunteered. He considered this an opportunity to
continue doing what he loved to do the most. After undergoing the bio-engineering
procedure that allows him to convert to an Autobot head module, Muzzle quickly
discovered that he and Nightbeat have one of the smoothest-working binary bonds
among all the Headmasters. Muzzle’s eye for detail makes Nightbeat an even better
detective than he was without him.

Abilities: Nightbeat carries two photon pistols and a high-powered plasma
blaster with infra-red sight. He also has enhanced audio and video sensors that
aid in his investigatory work. From five miles away, he can hear a screw fall
and count the threads on it. In car mode he can travel at speeds of up to 620
miles per hour and has a range of 1500 miles.

Weaknesses: Nightbeat’s overconfidence in his abilities typically persuades
him that he can handle almost any situation by himself. Given his preference
for working alone, he often suffers damage that a more team-oriented Autobot
might avoid.


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“You have to be rolling before you can be fighting.”

Profile: Everybody must submit to his maintenance schedule, even Optimus
Prime, and no excuse is ever good enough for Hoist. And he has a good reason
for being so strict: even though his job usually keeps him away from the front
lines, he knows how important it is that all the Autobot warriors are operating
at peak efficiency when they engage in battle. He genuinely enjoys his job,
as indicated by the jovial manner in which he performs it. And he’s good at
his job, too; whether the problem is a full engine overhaul or the smallest
leaky gasket, his comrades are confident that Hoist will find it.

Abilities: As a tow truck, Hoist can haul up to 400,000 pounds. In robot
mode, he is one of the strongest of the Autobots. From his wrist sockets, he
can launch heat-seeking missiles up to 4.5 miles. The full spectrum multi-sensor
module he wears behind his head can determine an object’s composition, density,
tensile strength, energy properties and often even its function with a mere
sweep of its triple beams. The beams have an operating range of 1200 yards,
making Hoist an effective and valued scout at times.

Weaknesses: Hoist’s dedication to his job sometimes blinds him to the
precedence that armed conflict often takes over it. He lacks speed in vehicular
mode, and has a high fuel consumption rate.

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