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“Only by studying the past can we win the present.”

Profile: Skydive is more interested in reading about jet fighters than
being one. He’s more likely to have his face stuck in a book about World War
II air battles than to be in the air himself. It’s not that he’s a coward –
he’s just fascinated by the science of aerial warfare. But even though he’s
a somewhat reluctant member of the Aerialbot team, he is invaluable – his knowledge
of aerial military tactics is without equal. The other Aerialbots constantly
look to him to plan strategy, a responsibility Skydive sometimes finds to be
daunting given his extreme modesty. His biggest fault, if you could call it
that, is he doesn’t realize how smart he really is. At least everyone else around
him does.

Abilities: The information-storage capacity of Skydive’s cerebro-circuitry
is greater than most Transformers’. This enables him to record instantaneously
any flying motions he sees, and, within the limits of his design, duplicate
them himself. Thus, he’s able to simulate the techniques of World War II aces
he’s studied on film as well as the gliding patterns of birds he’s watched in
person. He is possibly the most skilled flyer of all the flying Transformers.
His maximum speed is Mach 2.6 and range is 1400 miles. In jet mode, he can shoot
laser-guided missiles with a range of 80 miles. In robot mode, he uses a nega-gun,
which shoots a beam that cancels the bonding force between molecules. Only objects
held together by the strongest molecular bonds can resist crumbling to dust
when hit by the beam. He combines with his fellow Aerialbots to form the giant
robot known as Superion.

Weaknesses: Sometimes, in duplicating the flight of another, Skydive
pushes his design beyond its limits. This often results in mid-air stalls. He
can usually recover before crashing, but while stalled, he is completely vulnerable
to attack.

Divebomb (Marvel Comics)

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“Conquer the skies and all below you will fall.”

Profile: Divebomb is like a kid at a candy shop – as he flies high overhead looking down at the ground below, he’s so delighted with all the targets he has to choose from that he doesn’t know where to begin. But it usually doesn’t take long before he’s gleefully shooting up the countryside. He’s almost always in good spirits. The only thing that consistently ruffles his carbon-steel feathers is when he must surrender his own independence to combine with his fellow Predacons. He doesn’t care for his fellow Predacons and detests sharing his components with them. When not engaged in combat, Divebomb usually busies himself in the building of his latest mechanest. Perched atop tall buildings or mountain peaks, these fanciful, fortified constructions are commonly composed of late model sports cars, wings of low flying jets and theater marquees. “I like to live comfortably,” says Divebomb.

Abilities: Rocket thrusters mounted on his back allow Divebomb to achieve speeds of 300 mph when in eagle mode. He has a 2000 mile range and can reach an altitude of 18 miles. High resolution telescopic lenses within his optical modules enable him to spot a dime from 10,000 feet. He can lift a tank and tear through its armored skin with his beak. In robot mode he uses a particle beam
rifle with infrared sight and a laser-guided sword, which is guided to its target after Divebomb first pinpoints the target with a laser beam that shoots from the sword’s tip. Divebomb combines with his fellow Predacons to form the giant robot, Predaking.

Weaknesses: Divebomb’s internal guidance system is easily thrown off by magnetism. Such interference causes him to lose control while he’s flying and makes him prone to crashing.


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“I like the sea far away and my feet on the ground.”

Profile: Broadside is very uncomfortable about transforming to aircraft
carrier or jet mode, and with good reason. Floating on water upsets his gyro-balance
circuitry, making him feel as if he’s functioning at less than peak performance
– the mechanical equivalent of seasickness. And he’s even more distressed while
flying since he has a natural fear of heights. He strongly detests these Earthen
forms and is quite vocal about it. But, despite everything, he manages to overcome
these problems in battle. He is an effective and valiant warrior, and his fellow
Autobots value him for these qualities. They just wish Broadside would do his
job without griping so much about it.

Abilities: In aircraft carrier mode, Broadside expands his form to a
1200-foot length, giving him the capacity of landing jet aircraft and carrying
other Autobots and vehicles. Having little offensive capability of his own in
this mode, Broadside relies on these “passengers” for protection.
His titanium-steel hull and deck protects him from most artillery fire, but
he’s vulnerable to high-energy beam weapons. An internal fusion reactor powers
him in this mode, allowing him a speed of 40 knots and a range of 15,000 miles.
In jet mode, he can reach speeds of 1800 mph and has a range of 2500 miles.
He can project a powerful electric field around his jet form that will jolt
anything within 1.5 miles of him with 80,000 volts. Of course, for this weapon
to be effective, his target has to be electrically grounded somehow. In robot
mode, he carries a high-energy plasma-pulse gun and a vibro-ax that shatters
whatever it cleaves into by emitting powerful high frequency vibrations.

Weaknesses: Aside from the aforementioned seasickness, fear of heights,
and lack of offensive capabilities while in carrier mode, Broadside also suffers
severe corrosion when exposed to salt water for extended periods. His armored
skin flakes and peels if he’s at sea for longer than two days.


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“Strive for perfection even if others must suffer.”

Profile: With the care and precision of a fine jeweler, Hook performs
his job with a skill unparallelled among all the Transformers. It doesn’t matter
whether he’s reconnecting a damaged microchip or setting a two ton girder into
place – in each case perfection is his final goal. Perhaps because he is a perfectionist
he has a snobbish, supercilious attitude toward his fellow Constructicons, since
he considers them generally crude and dim-witted. Although Hook may not win
any popularity contests, there’s no denying his superior abilities and the important
role they have in the Decepticons’ evil schemes.

Abilities: In vehicular mode, Hook can use his crane to lift objects
weighing up to 20 tons. In positioning these objects, his error tolerance is
less than .00001%. In robot mode he shows equal precision repairing his comrades
as the Decepticon surgeon. He carries a rocket launcher in vehicular mode and
a laser pistol in robot mode. He serves as the shoulders and head module that,
when combined with his fellow Constructicons, forms the giant robot known as

Weaknesses: The extreme care Hook takes in performing his job often
slows down his work to the point of antagonizing his fellow Decepticons and
endangering whatever operation they are involved in. Overuse of his crane can
result in metal stress fractures.


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“War is the playground of the ignorant.”

Profile: Highbrow considers warfare a barbaric solution to problems,
worthy of only the most primitive sentient creatures. He believes civilized
folk should talk about their differences, a talent for which he seemingly has
an endless capacity. Hardhead claims that Highbrow’s voice box burns enough
fuel by itself to power all the Nebulan Autobots for a year. Although that is
doubtful, Highbrow does talk a lot and uses a lot of words that nobody understands.
Even Chromedome often finds himself fruitlessly searching through his extensive
vocabulary. Highbrow considers himself intellectually superior to the Nebulans
and other Autobots. They think he’s a self-righteous snob. Highbrow’s biggest
disappointment in life is that circumstance has forced him to lower himself
to participate in the very activity he most loathes – fighting.

Gort, Highbrow’s Nebulan partner, is quite a contrast. He’s a cheerful young
man with never an unkind word for anyone. Spurred by concern for protecting
his planet, he overcame his working-class origins as a stable boy for an exclusive
Nebulan country club that catered to the aristocracy to join the elite ranks
of the Headmasters. He is much admired by his comrades for his earnestness,
common sense and courage – except for Highbrow, who finds it a humiliating,
humbling experience to be binary-bonded to such a commoner. Young women all
over Nebulos are attracted to the boyishly handsome hero, but Gort remains steadfastly
faithful to his long-time girlfriend, Marita. Gort is the All-American boy of
the Nebulan Autobot Headmasters.

Abilities: In helicopter mode, Highbrow has twin three-bladed rotors
that enable him to lift up to 22,000 pounds of cargo, and, with the help of
two small vectored-thrust turbofan engines, reach a maximum speed of 1200 mph.
More accurately, Highbrow’s designation is a jet helicopter. He’s packed with
equipment designed to detect, monitor and record enemy communications; target-indicating
radar whose signals can be relayed to ground stations; magnetic, infrared and
audio sensors for detecting enemy robots and vehicles; and a variety of anti-detection
systems to protect himself. His range is 800 miles. In robot mode, Highbrow
uses two acid rainmaker rifles, which shoot streams of highly corrosive acid.

Weaknesses: Sometimes the thrust of Highbrow’s jet engines overpower
his rotors, sending him spinning out of control when in helicopter mode. Also,
Highbrow’s deep resentment of being controlled by Gort makes him less than cooperative
at times.


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“Today’s Autobots are tomorrow’s scrap metal.”

Profile: Ravage operates best when he operates alone. He’s
a creature of the night and carries out most of his murderous mischief at that
time. Often the other Decepticons have no idea where he is, but they know he’s
up to no good, so they don’t mind. He is easily the craftiest of his comrades
and is quick to devise deadly new strategies to be used against the Autobots.
He tends to remain aloof from the others, but his deeds command their respect.
He is an exceptionally efficient war machine.

Abilities: Ravage can hide his presence from others virtually
completely. He can shield any electromagnetic radiation inside him from being
detected by any monitoring devices. His walk is soundless. And he can disappear
from sight in subdued light or shadows. He has his own monitoring devices in
his nose module that give him a superior sense of smell, hearing and full-spectrum
electromagnetic wave detection. He carries two low-radiation 1�megaton
proton bombs, which he can fire over 3�miles distant or set in place with
a timer.

Weaknesses: He is very sensitive to light and can be blinded
by too much of it.


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“The best advice is not to listen to advice.”

Profile: Headstrong doesn’t listen to anybody, particularly his friends.
He’s so certain of himself that he doesn’t acknowledge others’ opinions. He’s
smug and arrogant, and believes that everyone would be better off if everyone
minded his own business. Nothing can dissuade him once he’s decided upon a course
of action, no matter how foolish that course appears to be. And once he begins
something his commitment is total and unwavering. Knowing that he is not as
strong, intelligent or fearless as some of the other Predacons, Headstrong puts
up his stubborn front as a shield to hide his deep-rooted insecurity. Still,
he makes a formidable foe. The best way to attack him is not with weapons, but
with psychology. Question his resolve and his abilities and he’s more likely
to collapse from the weight of his own nagging doubts than from a direct hit
by a laser cannon.

Abilities: In rhinoceros mode, Headstrong can achieve speeds of 60 miles
per hour for short periods. At full speed, his horn can puncture a three-foot
thick steel slab. It can also release a highly corrosive acid on contact, greatly
enhancing its destructive capability. In robot mode, he uses a plasma sphere
shooter, which emits a stream of glowing balls of energy that explode on contact.
He also carries a diffraction sword, which bends nearby light so that an opponent
can’t properly see where Headstrong actually is as the two battle. Headstrong
combines with his fellow Predacons to form Predaking.

Weaknesses: In addition to his knack for talking himself into foolish,
dangerous predicaments, Headstrong often suffers from impaired mobility due
to bearing problems within his joints. He also has very poor eyesight.

Cosmos (Marvel Comics)

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“Reach for the stars, but never leave your friends.”

Profile: Rocketing around the vast gulfs of outer space might seem like fun, but Cosmos knows the truth: it gets lonely up there. Sure, he understands that every Autobot has a job to do in the battle against the Decepticons, and he accepts his without argument. But he’s not always happy about it. Sometimes, to relieve the boredom of a long vigil orbiting the Earth, he’ll zip down at night and scare a few humans by hovering over their back yards. He also delights in showing off his maneuverability by zig-zagging through an occasional meteor shower. But mostly he maintains his solitary orbit. At least he’s comforted by one thought: he never gets stuck in any traffic jams like his auto-like brethren below.

Abilities: As a spacecraft, Cosmos can achieve Earth orbit and, with enough fuel, can reach escape velocity and go for relatively short jaunts – the Moon and back, for example. He can reach speeds of 40,000 mph. He can use himself as a communications satellite by bouncing signals from one Earth location to another. His optical sensors can see and record objects as small as a bicycle from 600 miles high. He has a high-powered particle beam capability that he can use with pinpoint accuracy in either spacecraft or robot mode.

Weaknesses: Cosmos is not well-suited to function as a robot on the ground – he’s slow, awkward and not too strong. Sometimes in his search for some pleasant diversions to relieve his boredom, he neglects his job. This unreliability can occasionally result in problems for any Autobot depending on him.


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“My bite is worse than my bark.”

Profile: Given his reputation for civility and sophistication, it might
seem surprising at first that Buzzsaw is also one of the cruelest and most destructive
of all Decepticons. But his two sides are not contradictory. He carries out
his lethal tasks with the careful, reasoned approach of a fine artist, with
the cool precision of a neurosurgeon. He views every awful undertaking of his
as the beginning of a new masterpiece. Every opponent he defeats marks a completion.
And, like any true artist, nothing can sway him from his commitment to his deadly
craft. He will only end his career when the Autobots are no more.

Abilities: Using his optical sensors, Buzzsaw can pinpoint and photographically
record a thumbtack at 20 miles, making him invaluable on spy missions. He can
fly virtually soundlessly at speeds up to 250 mph for a distance of 1500 miles.
He’s equipped with twin mortar cannons that can fire five rounds per minute.
His most feared weapon is his beak, which, with its diamond-hard, micro-serrated
edges, he can use to carve up all except the most strong-skinned opponents.
And, like the artist he is, he uses his beak with great finesse.

Weaknesses: Buzzsaw has a tremendous ego. If one of his carefully planned
operations should go astray, ruining what he considers a work of art in progress,
he will often stop and sulk rather than improvise and proceed.


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“My work is a monument to – and of – my enemies.”

Profile: Scrapper is a wizard at designing fortresses and energy production
plants for the Decepticons. Disguising his creations to blend unnoticed into
the surrounding alien human landscapes comes almost as easily to him. He modestly
shrugs off the acclaim these talents inspire from his comrades. After all, he
feels he is just fulfilling the requirements of his job. But overcoming an enemy
Autobot and secreting his body in the foundation or structural skeleton of one
of his buildings is another story. It is in such cases that Scrapper exhibits
his true malevolent genius and relishes the admiration and praise it garners.
Megatron considers him the most valuable of the Constructicons.

Abilities: In vehicular mode, Scrapper’s shovel can slice through 12-inch
thick carbon-steel plate and lift up to 30 tons. By adding on his single-jet
levitation wing he can fly at 60 mph for 250 miles. In robot mode he has immense
strength and carries a laser pistol. When combined with his fellow Constructicons,
he serves as the right leg module and part of the torso module in the giant
robot known as Devastator.

Weaknesses: While flying, Scrapper is a very vulnerable target due to
his lack of speed and maneuverability. His shovel is prone to metal stress fractures
if overused.

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