Transformers-themed pub could be Britain’s Best Home Bar

A Transformers-themed pub is in the running to be crowned Britain’s Best Home Bar, in a competition being run by Liberty Games. The winning bar, chosen… [more]

Transformers-themed pub could be Britain’s Best Home Bar Transformers-themed pub could be Britain’s Best Home Bar

TFNation 2019 Transformers Convention Review

This last weekend saw yet another Transformers convention take over the Metropole Hilton, in Birmingham. These weekends have become a staple of my summer… [more]

TFNation 2019 Transformers Convention Review TFNation 2019 Transformers Convention Review

Annual Transformers Forum Meet Tour

Every year, since 2011, the nerds from TheTF.Net forum (now a Facebook group, because running a forum proved too much like hard work) have met for a weekend… [more]

Annual Transformers Forum Meet Tour Annual Transformers Forum Meet Tour

Our 2019 Forum Meet took place this weekend, in Cardiff

This weekend saw our annual forum meet being held in the Welsh capital of Cardiff. Each year we meet in a different town or city in the UK, alternating… [more]

Our 2019 Forum Meet took place this weekend, in Cardiff Our 2019 Forum Meet took place this weekend, in Cardiff

Video Footage from Transforce in 2001

Almost 18 years ago (crikey, has it been that long?) we wrote a review of our visit to Transforce in August 2001. It was a seriously hot day, but a great… [more]

Video Footage from Transforce in 2001 Video Footage from Transforce in 2001

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Downloadable content

Written by Darren 'Starscream' Jamieson on July 15, 2009 | Generation One,Merchandise,News,Press Release,Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,Video Games |

We just received this press release from Activision concerning exclusive downloadable content for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. The downloadable content pack includes new playable characters, including a Generation One version of Starscream.

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to experience the single-player campaigns and multiplayer modes of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, we wanted to let you know about an exciting downloadable content pack that Luxoflux has been hard at work on to support the growing TF: RotF community.

Set to launch later this summer for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, the robust DLC offering will appeal to fans of both the original Transformers animated series and the blockbuster films.

We are pleased to announce that the pack will include the following:

  • Over TEN new multiplayer characters including ultimate fan favorites such as G1 Starscream and movie favorites like Sideswipe.
  • Three all-new multiplayer maps.
  • Play new characters in both the Autobot and Decepticon single player campaigns.
  • New Expert difficulty mode with a fresh set of leaderboards to challenge more experienced gamers in the single-player campaigns.
  • New Achievements and Trophies to earn.

Transformers: The Complete Series – Matrix of Leadership Edition DVD Review

transformersmatrixdvdThe Digital Bits have, like lots of other fans in North America, got their hands on Shout! Factory’s Transformers: The Complete Series – 25th Anniversary Matrix of Leadership Edition DVD Set and have provided an in-depth review. It seems the set is well worth the $140 price and should be enjoyed by all.

Remember when all the major TV networks would run a preview night of their new Saturday morning line-up (with their biggest stars as hosts) the day before the premieres? In the early 80s, big new kids shows with toy tie-ins all took a similar route on syndicated UHF stations. G.I. Joe, Transformers, and many others had 2-hour prime-time premieres supported by heavy advertising campaigns. Saturday and weekday afternoon ‘toons were a really big deal back then – something that’s hard to replicate in today’s age of multiple 24-hour kids cable networks. Transformers was among the best of these shows, and it’s still highly watchable as an adult. I’ve been digging out my old toys, are they’re still just as cool as they were back then. If you’re a fan, this box set may be a little pricey, but it’s still definitely recommended. Enjoy, and roll out!

The set contains all 98 G1 episodes and a load of extra features spread over 16 discs, with some fancy packaging so that it looks good on you shelf.

If you live in the USA or Canada, you can pick up the set here.

DVDs Out this week – Lots of G1!

Written by Big Bot on June 16, 2009 | DVD,Generation One,News | Tags: , ,

As Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen gets closer, more and more companies release lots of Transformers merchandise, even if it has nothing to do with the film.

Shout! Factory have today release Transformers: The Complete First Season 25th Anniversary Edition on DVD in North America. The 3 disc set contains all 16 episodes from the first season and some juicy extra features:

Triplechanger: From Toy To Comic To Screen: The Origins Of The Transformers
Printable Transport to Oblivion Script
Rare PSAs
Archival Hasbro toy commercials

Also remember to enter our competition to win a copy.

This side of the pond, Metrodome, who surprisingly still have the Transformers license, have re-released all 4 of their G1 boxsets, consisting of Season One, Season 2 Part 1, Season 2 Part 2, and Seasons 3 & 4. The only difference from the original releases is the cover art.

Transformers 25th Anniversary DVD footage

Written by Darren 'Starscream' Jamieson on June 11, 2009 | Cartoon,Generation One,Multimedia,News |

We’ve just been some videos showing special features footage from the upcoming Transformers 25th Anniversary Season 1 DVD, and one showing the special Matrix boxset.

The DVD looks great, but if you can’t wait to order it you can try to win a copy in our competition here.

Metrodome Repackages Generation One DVDs

Written by Big Bot on June 2, 2009 | DVD,Generation One,Metrodome,News | Tags:

It seems Metrodome, despite being sold by previous license holder TV Loonland, stil has the rights to G1 in the UK, which means they plan on rereleasing their Generation One DVD boxsets.

The 98 episode series will again be split into the same four sets, Season One, Season Two Part One, Season Two Part Two and Seasons 3 & 4, with all the same bonus features, expect probably the comic and booklets. All four sets are due out on 15th June.

Unfortunately, this probably means we won’t be seeing Shout! Factory’s set for a while.

The Transformers The Complete Series – Matrix of Leadership Collector’s Set Available For Preorder

Written by Big Bot on May 30, 2009 | DVD,Generation One,News | Tags:

The Transformers The Complete Series – Matrix of Leadership Collector’s Set DVD set is now available for preorder from Shout! Factory’s dedicated site,

This 16 disc contains all 98 episodes, and a host of new bonus features, including interviews, toy commercials, episode scripts, magnets and a 60-page book. There is also a specially produced box, all of which can be seen in a video on the site. The set costs $140 with shipping only being done to USA addresses.

Get your Fan-art onto the Shout Factory Generation One DVD set!

Written by Big Bot on May 24, 2009 | DVD,Generation One,News | Tags:

In similar fashion to some of the previous Generation One DVD sets released in the UK, Shout Factory have revealed that they are going to have a fan art gallery on their upcoming G1 Complete DVD Set.

Looking for fan art for the DVD set!  We’re putting together a disc focused primarily on the fans and are looking for Transformers fan art.  The art must be family-friendly, scanned at a minimum of 72 dpi and received by Wednesday, May 27th.  You can submit your artwork to  In your email, please include your name, phone number and alternate email address, if not the one you submitted from.  Those selected for the disc will be notified via email and will be asked to sign a release acknowledging your ownership of the art as well as its inclusion on the disc.

Thanks, guys!


This set is only being released in North America, but anyone can send in their fan art.

Transformers video game from Activison’s High Moon Studios

Written by Darren 'Starscream' Jamieson on April 27, 2009 | Generation One,News,Video Games |

According to reports, High Moon Studios (who were acquired by games publisher Activision last year when they merged with Vivendi) are working on a Transformers video game. This is nothing unusual of course, there’s a multimillion dollar movie out in June. However, the game from High Moon Studios isn’t slated for release until 2010!

Have they made a huge mistake with their scheduling?

No, it’s believed that the game isn’t going to be a movie tie-in at all. Don’t get excited though because we don’t know exactly what the game will entail, but we’re speculating (merely speculating mind you) that the game will be based on the original Generation One franchise.

If this is the case it will finally be the video game that we’ve been waiting for. We can only hope.

New cards added to Transformers Top Trumps

Written by Darren 'Starscream' Jamieson on April 26, 2009 | Generation One,News,Site Updates |

We’ve added some new Transformers cards to our unique Transformers Top Trumps style game, that you can play online. Among the new Transformers characters added to the game are Sky Lynx (pictured), Predaking and Rodimus Prime.

The stats for the Transformers characters are based on the toys’ original tech-specs, so if you’ve a good memory for what rank Bumblebee has, or what speed Frenzy has, you’ll have an advantage when playing the game.

If not, it might take you a while to get used to it again.

Play the Transformers Top Trumps game online now, there are over 30 Transformers cards to play with.

Sunstorm and Black Megatron e-Hobby Reissues Announced

Written by Big Bot on October 11, 2008 | Generation One,News,Takara,Toys | Tags: ,

e-hobby have updated their website with two new preorders, Sunstorm and Black Megatron. Both are e-hobby exclusive Generation One repaints and have already been released before, in 2003 and 2001 respectively.

Sunstorm is a repaint of G1 Starscream, coloured in orange and white, whilst Black Megatron is recoloured with more black and brown colouring of the original G1 Megatron figure. Both are due out in February 2009!

Thanks to forum member dejavu for the news.

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