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Transformers The Movie Region 2 DVD: The Inside Story

Written by Darren 'Starscream' Jamieson on June 1, 2001 | Features |

On Tuesday 28th May we travelled down to the small town of Thame in Oxford to visit the offices of Maverick Entertainment. The people responsible for the DVD release of Transformers the movie. They had asked us at TheTransformers.Net to act as creative consultants on the forthcoming release. We had to think about it, for about a microsecond!

We donned our Transformers apparel, smoothed on the shades and set off to make Transformers history.With the blasting sounds of The Touch emanating from the speakers, we rode in style down the M4, armed with the long list of e-mails from Transformers fans with their suggestions on special features. Thanks for that all of you who wrote in, particularly Stuart Denyer! Top of the list was the much repeated request for an isolated music track, or soundtrack CD.
Daz Jamieson of TheTransformers.Net, sporting his Movie T-shirt

Walking into Maverick’s tiny offices the first thing that hits you is the 80’s animation filled notice board, all of which Maverick have the rights to. It was like a trip back in time where animation was based on character and story line, unlike today. (Tip from the inside, GI Joe and Visionaries may be next) Check out the list at the bottom of the page for all of Maverick’s catalogue. If there’s anything that you’d like to see released, just e-mail me and ask!

Sunbow’s presentation pack on Transformers, a very collectible booklet

All right, I can here your impatience. Let’s back to Transformers The Movie and its special features? What will we get on the DVD? The fact of the matter is that Maverick own the rights to anything that has been produced under the Transformers banner, including the movie trailer and any rare Japanese episodes. I can hear your excitement. It’s just a question of whether they can get hold of everything in time for the release, which incidentally is now scheduled for June 25th but it may go back again if they can get hold of the extra features. A kind of good news brings bad scenario, but it will be worth the wait.

Here is the list of material that they have to use right now:

Transformers: The Movie 1×90 mins
Transformers Original 98 x 30 mins
Transformers Takara 115 x 30 mins
Transformers G2 52 x 30 mins

The rare episode Scramble City is something that they have the rights to, and are now searching for for inclusion on the DVD, thanks for bringing that one up again you fans!

So you may have to wait a little longer for the DVD, and you don’t want to wait until July? Well you won’t have to, the movie is also being release on VHS together with the Takara episode, and this will definitely come out on June 25th whether the DVD is ready or not. Check out the cover art for the VHS:

The VHS cover, with a subtle Autobot logo and those magic words: Special Collector’s Edition

Now here’s some exclusive news for you… Widescreen!

Now I will pause while you gather your breath. Maverick have discussed the widescreen issue with Rhino home video in the States. It was part of Rhino’s original brief to get hold of the Widescreen version for their dvd release, which does exist. Their brief said that the original theatrical version was presented in widescreen, and they should use this previously unavailable version on their DVD. However they couldn’t secure it, but now Maverick are also trying to find this holiest of holy grails. We’ll have the results of that search for you as soon as they are known. Keep those fingers crossed.

Aww Shit, what are we gonna do now?

Which version? Is it foul mouthed Spike, or friendly Spike? The answer is friendly Spike, the swearing has been removed and the opening and closing voice-over is included. The rating of the film being ‘U’. They are toying with the idea of putting both versions on the disc, but this is unlikely as there are more important features to look for.

More Transformers on DVD?

I said Maverick have the rights to everything Transformers related, and you should have seen their videos. The complete 5 seasons of Transformers, and some Japanese seasons, and generation 2. Wow. They asked what was the best way to release them, and what should they release first. Yeah, like I was really going to say all of it, right now!

Well, we told them straight, release season 1 as a complete box set, all 16 episodes from More Than Meets The Eye part 1 to Heavy Metal Wars. Then release season 2, and so on. We convinced them, and I’m happy to inform you that you can expect season 1 to be released in the UK some time in the Autumn, just in time for Christmas!

One fan wrote in and suggested, just as a joke, that he wanted a free Optimus Prime toy with every DVD, funny huh? We told this to Maverick and they didn’t laugh. They took it seriously.

Now I know you need to draw breath.

They are actually planning to get a limited number of toys licensed by Hasbro to include with the season 1 boxset. Be still my beating heart. These will be somewhat sought after I feel. This is only in the planning stage, and will need to be run through Hasbro first, but what an idea. We gave this our unequivocal thumbs up.

Mike Diprose of Maverick Entertainment, check out all of those Transformers videos behind him

Freebies, for our approval.

Maverick gave us a set of VHS videos of the entire first series to look at and we have say that we were very impressed. Not to mention grateful. The first series, for those that haven’t seen it in a while, or seen it properly (web streaming aside) consists of some superb episodes, Dinobot War being a particular highlight. What happens when the Dinobots take on Optimus Prime, a damn fine battle occurs that’s what.

The Movie DVD

All right, when all’s said and done this is what you really want to know. Here is the list of Special Features that Maverick are looking to include, as features are confirmed we will add them to the list.

Japanese Takara episode [CONFIRMED]
Widescreen version
Transformers: The Movie Trailer
The Touch music video
Isolated music track
Character profiles
Concept art
Promo film shown to investors
Toy commercials
Feature commentary
R.I.P List – all those killed in the movie

We will be receiving a paper edit of the DVD’s structure and special features shortly from Maverick, for our approval. As soon as any more features are confirmed or new ones are suggested we’ll let you know right here.

Once again we’d like to thank all of the fans who e-mailed their suggestions and ideas to us, together we’ve made certain of a great DVD (and VHS) release. Thanks guys!

More from Maverick Entertainment

Here is the complete list of all the animated series that Maverick have the rights to, If anyone fondly remembers any of these series, e-mail me and I’ll let Maverick know. Who knows, your favourites could get the DVD treatment.

Story Keepers
Bobbie the Bus
Sing Something Simple
You and Me
Spuds in Duds
Potato Head Kids
Great Space Coaster
My Little Pony Original
My Little Pony Tales
My Little Pony Movie
The Nudnik Show
Bucky O’Hare
Conan & the Young Warrior
Connan the Adventurer
GI Joe
GI Joe The Movie
Inhumanoids The Movie
Jem The Movie
Robotix The Movie
Tales from the Crypt Keeper
Transformers The Movie
Visionaries The Movie
Puff the Magic Dragon
Frank & Eddie
Puzzle Place
Salty’s Lighthouse
Angel Wings
Brothers Flub
Fat Dog Mendoza
Wonderous Myths & Legends

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