Transformers-themed pub could be Britain’s Best Home Bar

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Transformers-themed pub could be Britain’s Best Home Bar Transformers-themed pub could be Britain’s Best Home Bar

TFNation 2019 Transformers Convention Review

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TFNation 2019 Transformers Convention Review TFNation 2019 Transformers Convention Review

Annual Transformers Forum Meet Tour

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Annual Transformers Forum Meet Tour Annual Transformers Forum Meet Tour

Our 2019 Forum Meet took place this weekend, in Cardiff

This weekend saw our annual forum meet being held in the Welsh capital of Cardiff. Each year we meet in a different town or city in the UK, alternating… [more]

Our 2019 Forum Meet took place this weekend, in Cardiff Our 2019 Forum Meet took place this weekend, in Cardiff

Video Footage from Transforce in 2001

Almost 18 years ago (crikey, has it been that long?) we wrote a review of our visit to Transforce in August 2001. It was a seriously hot day, but a great… [more]

Video Footage from Transforce in 2001 Video Footage from Transforce in 2001

Toyfair: Hasbro Q&A and Alternator Jaguar

Written by Big Bot on January 25, 2006 | Hasbro,News,Toys | Tags: , ,

Prowlus2 of The Allspark has been asking Hasbro UK questions submitted by fans. To see what responces he got, check out this thread. If you would like to ask Hasbro UK something, TFauctions will be taking you questions.

One of the questions answered was

Q Will there be any UK exclusive transformer toys?

A Cannot say but Hasbro are working on their next Alternator which is Jaguar sportscar (he said that honest) after the ford GT.

News from Toy Fair 2003 in ExCel – London

Written by Darren 'Starscream' Jamieson on January 29, 2003 | Armada,DVD,Generation One,Hasbro,News,Toys | Tags: , , , ,

This is just a quick note to keep you abreast of things; we’ll have a full feature article up on the site as soon as the photos are developed.

I popped down to the UK Toy Fair in ExCel (London) today to see what Transformers we can expect to see in our shores this year. I spoke to Hasbro about Armada and G1 reissues and the news is surprisingly bright. They had reissues of Optimus Prime, Starscream, Ultra Magnus and Hot Rod, all of which we can expect to see in the UK at some point before Christmas.

Most of their Transformers display was centred around Armada though. The Armada Optimus Prime looks superb, and actually transforms himself. Now that’s lazy.

I spoke to CardsInc about the Generation One sticker album, and that will be out this year in all good newsagents around March/April time.

There are more surprises to come, and loads of great photos so stay tuned. The Toy Fair is now moving on to Germany, and then to New York so our American cousins can catch up on what we’ve already experienced.


Hasbro UK’s response to our questions

Written by Darren 'Starscream' Jamieson on May 27, 2002 | Hasbro,News | Tags:

Hasbro have sent TheTF.Net an e-mail responding to our questions about Transformers toys in the UK. If you need reminding about the whole thing, check out the article here. Hasbro have responded with some great news that should bring smiles to us all.

Dear Collector

Transformers – Robots In Disguise is still in its infancy in the UK having only been launched in January 2002. It is a global brand for Hasbro and with product being developed in the US, the UK tends to run 6-12 months behind that of the US. Hasbro UK is committed to building the Transformers brand here in the UK and has the intention of running all the US developed lines, so Transformers fans will be able to get the toys in due course.

Many UK retailers share Hasbro’s enthusiasm for the Transformers range and over the coming months more product will become available nation-wide.

You will be able to keep abreast of all the latest Transformers toys available by keeping an eye on Hasbro UK’s website –

Your views as Transformers fans are really important to us, so thank you for the interest you have shown.

Kind regards

Consumer Affairs
Hasbro Uk Ltd

Hasbro UK ask for your input

Written by Darren 'Starscream' Jamieson on May 15, 2002 | Hasbro,News | Tags: ,

TheTF.Net received an e-mail today saying that Hasbro UK want to know what the UK market is like in terms of Transformers releases. Do we want them? Well, do we? Check out this article now and let Hasbro know how much we want Transformers toys in the UK

Draven a UKer form the TFW2005 boards of contacted Hasbrow UK recently and got a reply, Hasbro UK wants to know how large the UK TF market is! We finally have a chance to convince them that there are enough of us to warrent full releases of TF lines! Please read on and then I would ask you to please send out a note in your newsletter so that we can get all the UK Transfans filling out the form asking Hasbro UK questions so that they understand that there are infact enough of us to warrent releasing loads of TF’s over here so that we don’t have to pay stupid import prices anymore!!!!

Quoted from Draven of TFW

OK. As most of you UK guys & gals know, a couple of days ago I sent this message to hasbro UK (via the feedback form on their website) regarding the lack of Transformers releases in the UK:



Dear Hasbro,
When are we in the UK going to get:
Transformers Armada
Transformers PVC figures
Transformers Robots In Disguise wave 2
Transformers Generation 1 re-releases
Anything new Transformers related at all?
It seems that the only things we get reach us anything up to a year or so after the US, and even then only in small quantities and even then NOT the entire line. People are paying a small fortune to get hold of some of these toys on import, especially the US Toys R Us exclusives. We have Toys R Us as well, you know, and if you think there’s no market for transformers in the UK, you’re VERY wrong, believe me.
PLEASE give us a break. If people will pay a lot for imported Transformers, they’d definitely pay YOU if you release them here…


I posted earlier on today that I’d had no reply and I really wasn’t surprised. Well, about 10 minutes ago, I received a telephone call from a very nice young lady from HASBRO, regarding my questions. I explained all about the situation here (US market getting G1 rereleases, PVC, exclusives, possibly Fort max, and Armada whilst we have RID wave 1 and nothing else at all). She said they saw the message and were concerned about it, as it was (believe it or not) among only a handful they have had. And she wanted to know exactly how big the market for Transformers is here. So I told here, and she seemd genuinely surprised by the answer. In fact, I got the distinct impression that Hasbro UK actually have NO IDEA how many of us want these things. I explained to her about how a large amount of Transfans have collected for a VERY long time, and how a lot of us are rampant completists. I explained to her that many of us pay overinflated prices for imports, and pointed out to her that Hasbro don’t get any of that markup themselves.
Then I asked her whether it would be a good idea for others to do what I did, and contact them using the feedback form on the website. She said yes; apparently, your words are far more likely to be seen and noticed if you use that form, rather than email them.

So there you have it, Brits; go to
and ask away. Keep it polite, well worded and civil though. If you start calling them all the names under the sun in your messages, they’ll just delete them. We have nothing to lose here, people, and a HELL of a lot to gain. We have to convince Hasbro UK that there is a demand for Transformers over here,
or they’ll keep dribbling out US overstock to us forever.

So, to paraphrase BM Megatron:
And now, UK Transfans…


End of Quote.

– Jon Hudson
– Vector Sigma of the TFW2005 and boards

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